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As IFA members, we come together to protect, enhance, and promote franchising. Today, government is increasingly active in regulation of the franchise model at a time when many legislators and regulators are misinformed about the role franchising plays in economic growth across hundreds of industries and the structure of franchise relationships, leading to mistrust of the model.

Check out these brief explainer videos below deliver the facts on four key issues impacting franchising. Watch and share the videos. Know the facts so you can be an effective franchising advocate.

Do your part to protect, enhance, and promote franchising.  LEARN the facts. SHARE your knowledge throughout your network, franchise community and industry. JOIN the Franchise Action Network, and GET CONNECTED with IFA Government Relations Team.

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Franchise Targeted Legislation
Franchise Targeted Legislation Video

Legislation across states targeting franchising prejudicially is nothing new – but over the years we’ve seen a disturbing uptick in new legislative threats, including the notorious California FAST Act, and numerous imitations of it popping up throughout the country.

Joint Employer
Joint Employer Video

An expanded joint employer standard turns local franchise owners into middle management for a franchise brand, destroying owner equity and the access to management, training, and upward mobility currently enjoyed by franchise employees.

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The Federal Trade Commission and Regulation
FTC Franchise Rule Video

The FTC Franchise Rule is currently under review. The Commission plays a key role in regulating business and labor practices, and while government should ensure a fair and level playing field for franchisors and franchisees, one-sided or overzealous regulation poses a threat to the business model. 

Franchise Relationship Bills
Franchise Relationship Bills Video

Franchise agreements are the bedrock of the relationship between franchisors and franchisees. Legislation in Arizona, Arkansas, and New Jersey insert state government as a third party in franchise agreements which stands to promote costly litigation, lead to uneven quality, safety, and brand standards, and shrinking opportunities for growth through franchising.

Do your part to protect, enhance, and promote franchising.  Learn the facts. Share your knowledge throughout your franchise system. Join the Franchise Action Network, and get connected with IFA Government Relations Team.

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