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4 Benefits of Facebook Live to Enhance Your Digital Marketing


Social media is a powerful tool for attracting and retaining quality franchisees. With Facebook Live you can give potential franchisees an inside look at your brand while telling your story in a unique, new way.


By Jamie Izaks


Since its debut in January 2016, Facebook Live — the service that allows users to live-stream video directly from their mobile devices to their friends and page followers — has infiltrated every user’s timeline and changed the way the world views live news. In fact, Facebook says that one in every five of its videos is a live broadcast.


It’s only natural that the benefits of this service would extend to franchise brands and businesses as well. Now brands of all sizes and social media budgets are taking advantage of the service’s unique ability to captivate audiences with timely content. It stands to reason that this content can go a long way to enhance a brand’s franchise growth strategy on social media.


Let’s look at some of the marketing benefits of Facebook Live for franchises:


Provides unique content

Consumers are inundated with messaging at all hours of the day and night, so it’s more important than ever to stand out from the crowd with content that grabs attention. A Livestream report discovered that 81 percent of internet users said they watched more live-streamed content in 2016 than the year prior.


The bottom line? Your audience is already there, but you’ve got to use social media innovations to push new content. For franchisors, this content can be anything you do that sets yourself apart. Try live-streaming portions of the annual convention, site visits or franchisee interviews. This is one of the best ways to show your prospects the vibe of your franchise opportunity.


Helps connect you with your audience

Facebook Live sessions can take place in many different formats. Some of the most effective ways to connect with your audience are with Q&A sessions, a behind-the-scenes look at your offices, products or services, or giving an inside view of an event. The service allows viewers to interact in real time, meaning you can see who’s liking, commenting and reacting as it happens. Take advantage of this open channel of communication with your franchise prospects and respond to them directly in the live feed. This personal connection is a great way to endear yourself to your audience and help them put a face and voice to your brand’s name. If you provide engaging content, your audience will respond positively.


A cost-efficient video strategy

Smaller franchises may not have large budgets for social media marketing and Facebook Live is a great way to add quality video content without breaking the bank. In fact, with little more than your phone, you can create content that will entice your viewers. However, don’t let the low-budget appeal lower the quality of your content – you’re still looking to create content that the audience will want to watch. For under $50, you can purchase a tripod to steady your phone, a set of lapel microphones that will improve the quality of sound and a handheld light to brighten up any space. Amazon is your friend.


Another important consideration is the on-camera talent. Choose a spokesperson who is articulate, friendly and outgoing and if that isn’t possible, be sure to have someone facilitating the interview that encapsulates those traits. This is an important opportunity to give potential franchisees a view of your brand that they can’t see on your website or through email communications. Don’t let this opportunity escape you.


Take advantage of Facebook’s push to Live

Perhaps the most compelling reason to dedicate some time to Facebook Live is that Facebook itself is prioritizing and promoting live video. This means that when you go live, anyone who likes your Facebook page will see your video at the top of their feed. They may even receive a notification on their phones that you are live.


Facebook’s large investment into its Live space is definitely to the benefit of budget-conscious franchises; you get the big advertising power of Facebook for $0.00. Additionally, your Live content can live on after the broadcast is over. You can continue to repurpose it on social media and post in on your YouTube channel for more views.


It’s no secret that social media is a powerful tool for attracting and retaining quality franchisees. Use it to the best of its ability with Facebook Live, and give your potential franchisees an inside look at your brand while telling your story in a unique, new way.


Jamie Izaks is the President of All Points Public Relations, a public relations agency that specializes in franchise PR, content marketing and social media. Find out more at www.franchise.org/all-points-public-relations-llc-supplier.