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$57600 to $87250
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Franchise under $50K
Home Based Franchise
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Advertising/Direct Mail
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VetFran Incentive
Welcomemat Services offers a 15% discount off of the $35,000 Franchise Fee to veterans through the VetFran program.
Welcomemat Services

The next revolution in local marketing is different from online group deal buying, coupons or online discounts --- join the revolution!  

Welcomemat Services has been a force in the local loyalty marketing space since 2003. Recognized by dozens of local, regional and vertical publications and media outlets for its success in helping small businesses grow loyal customers, Welcomemat Services differentiates itself through its combined digital, print and online marketing solution.  

Why Choose Welcomemat Services for Your Road to Success?  

  • Welcomemat Services provides a unique business model - offering you the chance to own your share of a brand that is creating the next revolution in local, technology-based marketing 
  • Tap Into 30 Million Small Businesses – Capitalize on your local market and provide a proven long-term marketing solution that helps build a regular, loyal customer-base for small and local businesses. 
  • Low Overhead – You can start this business from your home.  Less overhead to start means you don’t have to worry about start-up expenses, staffing and administrative headaches. 
  • Recurring Revenue – Build a portfolio of successful clients by proving ROI through the Welcomemat digital and print patent-pending advertising tracking platform 
  • Welcomemat Services Allows You to Focus on What you Do Best - Welcomemat Services understands that great sales professionals need to be focused on customers and sales - for this reason, we built a platform that that simplifies back office, billing, and printing for our franchise owners. 
  • Join an Award Winning Program - The Welcomemat Services program was founded in 2003 and has since been recognized for its award winning technology and large national customer base. 


The Welcomemat Services support platform was built by sales professionals for sales professionals . 

The Welcomemat Services team’s expertise and understanding in technology, software and sales allowed us to construct a training and support platform that: 

  • Supports business ownership opportunities focused on revenue generation  
  • Allows sales professionals to spend the majority of their time on selling and growing customer relationships  
  • Allows simple access to online order, billing, and CRM software 
  • Creates a simplified selling opportunity with recurring revenues 
  • Provides access to integrated, patent-pending technologies for local marketing 
  • Provides access to Welcomemat Services trademarks  
  • Creates an incredible business opportunity for sales minded individuals 


As with any good business model, an in depth training program is critical. The Welcomemat Services™ training program has been designed by Welcomemat Services sales professionals and is based on 8 years of direct “field” selling and customer feedback . 

The Welcomemat Services in-depth training platform includes: 

  • An online-initial home study course 
  • Access to an online training portal for continuing education  
  • Up to one week of training at our corporate support center  
  • A step-by-step sales process  
  • Ample coverage of proper sales technique s designed to help you rapidly build a client base 
  • Our exclusive software selling platform , already pre-populated with targeted prospects within your territory 
  • Access to a copy of our confidential operations manual to help you run your business properly on a day-to-day basis. 

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