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Memorable Moments: 5 Quotes From IFA's 2017 Convention.


A sigh of relief and a cheer of excitement has washed over the IFA as we celebrate the conclusion of what has been lauded as one our most successful conventions to-date. Last week, in Las Vegas’s Mandalay Bay Convention Center, nearly 4,000 people gathered to attend IFA’s one-of-a-kind event. The energy was palpable, the information overflowing, and the people humming with excitement.

Over the course of three days, dozens of speakers, hundreds of concurrent sessions, and nightly social events created a rich environment primed for memorable moments. Moments like hearing the insight of Tim Ferris and passion of Marcus Buckingham come to mind, but there were smaller moments that were equally valuable.

Speaker at the IFA Convention


Just in case you weren’t able to attend, or you missed some of these smaller moments, we have complied a list of five memorable quotes that may be of some practical benefit.

  1. One of the hottest topics at convention surrounded digital marketing and how to reach your client base. David Chapman, from 919 Marketing Company, discusses the importance of making your online presence the front-line:

“There’s a race to win the hearts and minds of your franchise candidates…and you’re already behind. If you want to excel at franchise content marketing, you must first start by building a strategic content marketing plan based on extensive research and a thorough deep drive into the personal stories, key messages, and true competitive differentiators your company has to offer. Once equipped with your plan, you must deliver relevant, differentiated, and educational content to different prospect profiles at the right time in the sales cycle.”

  1. And a huge part of the sales cycle is the information gathering stage. However, as more organizations begin to target consumers through digital marketing tactics, many online users are becoming weary of some common practices. Paul Pickett, from Wild Birds Unlimited, talks about ways of switching up your strategy:

“What is one of the keys to our franchise development success? Experimenting with making online lead form fields non-required. We now make the phone number non-required on our forms and we have seen a major uptick in the quality of information shared and the quality of leads themselves.”

  1. The end-goal in the sales cycle is high quality leads and the tools necessary for reaching that goal is an organization full of high-quality people. Steven Brown, from SpeedPro Imaging, offers a first-hand account of the importance of focusing on company culture:

“Since taking over SpeedPro a couple of years ago, we turned the attention inward and focused on driving franchisee growth on the local level. We have fully redeveloped our field consulting program and have completely overhauled the company culture. With a 5:1 ratio of franchisees to field consultants (all of whom have owned a studio before) and a devoted focus to putting people first at all level of our organization, we have been able to do everything in our power to help our franchisees succeed while aggressively growing the system.”

  1. Creating a phenomenal company culture is as much a habit as exercise or eating right. The importance of creating good habits, in life and in business, is essential to running a successful franchise! Lee Barnes offers us a bit of wisdom about the habit of being proactive, rather than reactive.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

  1. Was that last quote a bit too philosophical for you? Well, even if you are still trying to decide if the franchise industry is your cup of tea, perk up! A quote from FranData wraps up this post with an optimistic outlook:

“There are well over 3,800 franchise brands in operation and that number will grow well past 4,000 in 2017. Of those, less than 680 franchise brands have more than 100 units. Less than 90 of those brands with 100+ units have been in franchising for less than 10 years…and most of the largest brands took decades to reach 500 or more units.   Thus, aspiring franchise owners have more options than ever and the overwhelming majority are emerging brands” 


Written by Seth Goldstein