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The IFA's Franchise Relations Committee is dedicated to developing information and programs that promote positive relations and encourage dialogue and cooperation between franchisees and franchisors. The following articles by IFA members have appeared in IFA publications on the subject of Franchise Relations. For additional information on IFA’s Franchise Relations Committee, please contact IFA Staff Liaison Scott Lehr at 


NEW: Effective Development of a Franchise Support Organization  

Franchise Relations in Action

Recommendations from the taskforce  

Getting Franchisees engaged, productive and profitable  



Franchising World Articles


Best Practices


Franchisees and their Financials: Dotting the "i"s and Crossing the "t"s  

Mentor or Protégé: Formal Mentorship Program is the Answer  

Field Reps: The Link to Corporate  

Should You Roll Out Initiatives in Troubled Times?  

Purchasing Cooperatives: Improving Profitability and Franchise Relations  

Under New Management? Engaging Franchisee-Owners  

Franchising 101  

Finding an Audit Process that Strengthens Franchise Relations  

Succession Planning & Transfers Handbook  

Mentorship Programs: The ABCs of Establishing a Mentorship Program for your Franchise System  


Strategies to Assist Distressed Franchisees  

Navigating Troubled Waters: How to Maintain an Effective Relationship Between the Franchisor & Franchisees in Tough Economic Times  


The Do’s and Don’ts of Franchise Relations  

How Suppliers Support Strong Franchise Relations  

Building Franchise Relations Upon A Solid Foundation  

The Franchise Cooperative Handbook  

Learn to Listen: Listen to Learn  

Working Together for Better Franchise Relations  

Coaching Franchisees To Success in a Challenging Economy  

Mediation and Arbitration Myths  

Managing Product Sales to Franchise Owners  

Strategic Planning with System Franchisees  

Talk to Me: Good Communication As a Business Strategy  

Who Needs a Franchisee Advisory Council?  

Optimize Franchisee Talents for Growth with Multi-Brand Franchisors  

Disputes…They Need Not End in Divorce  

Helping Franchisees Develop a Strategic Plan  

Advisory Councils: Effective Two-Way Communications for Franchise Systems  

No Franchise is an Island: Franchisees and Franchisors Rely on Each Other  


Franchise Relations: Different Ideas, Great Solutions  


Building and Repairing Trust Of the Franchisee-Franchisor Relationship  


When All Else Fails, Go Make a Sales Call  


Developing Effective Field Representatives to Assist Franchisees  


Keys to a Successful Start-Up  


Sharing Best Practices  


Managing the Franchisee Relationship During
a Corporate Shift

Three Avenues to “Destination Success“     
Turning Around a Struggling Franchise Company     
Steps to Improve the Franchisor-
Franchisee Relationship
Ensuring Good Franchise Relations     
Helping Franchisees Adapt When A System
is Being Acquired
Franchise Prospecting and How
To Maximize Your ROI

Is there another topic you would like to see the Franchise Relations Committee address?  Submit ideas to staff liaison Scott Lehr by email or phone (202/662-0685).