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You are the voice of franchising. Advocating for issues of importance to your business and developing and maintaining relationships with your elected leaders is critical. By taking the first step and joining International Franchise Association’s advocacy efforts, you will find all the tools you will need to communicate and build a relationship with your members of Congress, take action on key issues that affect your business, and cast an informed vote on Election Day.

IFA currently offers TWO great ways to get involved in advocacy: 


1. IFA'S FRANCHISE CONGRESS: The Face of Franchise Advocacy 

The International Franchise Association’s Franchise Congress political grassroots program will enhance IFA’s advocacy capabilities at the state and federal levels, allowing us to increase our impact on the issues that affect the success of franchising.

We’re in the midst of our most challenging legislative battles this year with the certainty of more to come, and we need the support of all of our franchise activists in our advocacy efforts.  As a leader in the small business world, it’s your responsibility to stay informed about and involved in the advocacy efforts available to you through the IFA.

Your involvement will be an essential component of our collective success now and in the years to come. Sign up today to receive more information about the program. 

For more information about IFA's advocacy efforts and the Franchise Congress, please contact Erica Farage, Director of Political Affairs and Grassroots Advocacy, at 202-662-0760 or


2. FRANCHISINGVOTES.COM: Your One-Stop-Shopping Location for All Your Advocacy Needs 

IFA encourages franchisors, franchisees and suppliers to join IFA's advocacy network. By participating in the IFA's advocacy efforts, you will become a dedicated advocate for franchising which IFA can call upon to serve as the voice of franchising in critical times. Advocates will be asked to communicate with their members of Congress in order to help the IFA protect the legislative and regulatory environment for franchising worldwide. Becoming involved in your association's advocacy efforts is one of the most cost effective ways to protect your business - all we ask of you is your time.

Current issues such as comprehensive health care reform, union card check legislation, difficulties with access to credit and immigration reform will have a direct impact on the way you do business. IFA uses as a legislative and political advocacy action center. The site is free and contains all the tools you need to contact your members of Congress, register to vote, and help elect pro-franchising, pro-business candidates.



*If you have yet to join our general IFA advocacy network, visit today. Enter your basic contact information to start receiving our periodic calls to action.