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The strength and value of an organization such as the IFA lies in the collective experiences and wisdom of its members. Franship provides franchisees and franchisors the opportunity to share best practices along with strategic positioning and advice from some of franchising’s premier leaders.

“One of the greatest gifts anyone can give is the sharing of their time and knowledge. The mentors of Franship are committed to helping fellow IFA members grow both personally as well as professionally within the franchising industry. Franship will strive to bring together the experiences of yesterday with the needs of today.” 

John Rotche
President of Title Boxing Club 


 Franchisor Mentoring Franchisor

Franchise Administration  Franchise Operations   Franchise Sales and Marketing  International 


Franchisee Mentoring Franchisee

Franchise Administration  Franchise Operations 

 Supplier Mentoring Supplier


IFA’s Mentorship Program – Franship - is operated on a volunteer basis depending upon the time constraints of the mentor and the mentee.  The mentor and mentee will jointly determine, and be solely responsible for scheduling, content, and all aspects of the mentorship.

• The overall structure of this program was created by the IFA’s Membership Committee and fashioned after a program by the IFA’s Franchise Relations Committee.  However, neither IFA, the Membership Committee nor the Franchise Relations Committee are responsible for the administration or ongoing management of the program.

• All parties involved in any mentoring relationship arising from this program acknowledge and agree that all aspects of such relationship are solely under their control, and they hereby waive any claims they may have against IFA, its officers, directors, members, or affiliates.