Q & A with Shelly Sun

Shelly Sun is the CEO and Founder of BrightStar Care® and the 2017 Chairperson of the IFA Board of Directors.



How important is franchisee satisfaction to you?

I don’t know of any franchise executive who doesn’t focus on franchisee satisfaction. I obsess over it. You’ve got to know what’s working and what’s not so you can course-correct if necessary.

For the last decade you have engaged the Franchise Research Institute to perform a confidential “deep dive” into your franchisee’s opinions. How have you used the research results to prioritize corporate efforts in order to maximize “shared success” for BrightStar Care?

We use the data provided by FRI as our annual physical. A comprehensive (last year 73% of our franchisees participated) and confidential opportunity for everyone to speak their mind... and believe me they do! We are unusual in that our FAC has direct input into prioritizing our corporate efforts. For example, they asked for a better way to recruit and retain caregivers, and the very same year we delivered a solution they could implement locally. Not surprisingly, the same need showed up in our surveys with FRI. It reassured all of us that we were doing the right things.

The Franchise Research Institute measures franchise performance from the perspective of franchisees through scientific, confidential, comprehensive franchisee surveys. FRI is the original auditor of franchisee satisfaction/validation. FRI's focus is research, and does NOT sell leads or advertising. FRI’s World-Class Franchise® certification is the highest honor any franchise can earn, because it is independent, third-party research documentation of a brand’s extraordinary franchisee experience.

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