Federal Issues: Advocacy Pack: Minimum Wage


Advocacy Pack: Minimum Wage

Stop Minimum Wage Hikes from Hurting Franchised Businesses

Small business owners around the country have their eyes on Congress to see if any decisions will be formulated on increasing minimum wage. Increasing the minimum wage has a disproportionate amount of negative effects on small businesses and their employees. The increase prevents the business from using its capital for growth opportunities or self re-investment.

Members of Congress, as they have in the past, are constantly reintroducing legislation to increase the minimum wage and thus increase the costs of the small business owner. Recently, legislation was stopped in the House and Senate to raise the minimum wage base to an unprecedented level. If members of Congress do not hear your voices then the supporters of these pieces legislation will surely succeed. Help IFA make sure that Congress does not pass this harmful legislation in the future.


  1. Send an opinion-editorial to your local newspaper and let your community know how you feel about minimum wage hikes. Take advantage of IFA's pre-created op-editorial articles below. Start weighing in on the issues that are affecting your business now.
    • Op-Ed #1: "The Effects of a Minimum Wage Increase through a Simple Business Analogy"
    • Op-Ed #2: "Educate the Proponents of a Raise in the Minimum Wage Level"
    • Op-Ed #3: "Inform Your Senators or House Members of Your Feelings on the Minimum Wage”
  2. Draft your own Letter to the Editor or Op-Ed using these Key Points.
  3. Call your Senators or House Members directly. Using this list of Senators, and list of House Members, call the Capitol Operator, and ask for a particular Member’s office. Then, using the information on this page, including these Key Points, and your own unique "story," explain why you want your representative.
  4. Using www.franchisingvotes.com, electronically send a letter to your Members of Congress. The site has already created a letter outlining key arguments for you to work from, with the ability to edit to suit your needs. www.franchisingvotes.com is a free, user-friendly advocacy site that IFA uses for all its major grassroots initiatives.


IFA has compiled background information on this issue, which can be found here.


Please do not hesitate to share your questions or comments with IFA's Government Relations team, who are always working on your behalf in our national and state capitols. They can be reached at gr@franchise.org or by calling 202-628-8000.

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