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Business Established:
Franchising Since:
Franchised Units:
Company Owned Units:
Start-up Cost:
$70000 to $120000
Total Investment:
$114846 to $197475
Veteran Hired Since 2011:
Veteran Owned Units:
Offering Financial Assistance
Proper capitalization with good credit is preferred. An excellent vehicle for a 401(k) rollover, much like lending yourself the funds. We want you to succeed and not overextend. Leasing is also available through third party vendors. A $10,000 Military Veteran Discount through VetFran is also available for honorably discharged veterans of all Armed Services.
Special Incentives
Franchise Resell
VetFran Partcipant
Business Services
Printing/Photocopying Services
Sign Products & Services
VetFran Incentive
Qualified veterans of the United States Armed Forces (those veterans that have been honorably discharged) and their spouses receive a $10,000 discount on the Initial Franchise Fee for the first BizCard Xpress Franchise.
BizCard Xpress

BizCard Xpress, is billed as the "Fastest Printer on the Planet" and the pioneer of "Business Cards in 1 Hour or Less" offering Same Day Service for Printing, Signs, Banners, and Vinyl Lettering with a low price guarantee. 

A BizCard Xpress franchise simplifies business so it becomes a career of pure enjoyment; the perfect couple's business, a fulfilling retirement transition, and a great startup opportunity for a young graduate; by far, the best choice for the present and well into your future. 

BizCard Xpress is the Perfect Model for the next generation of retail; it is local, because people want to deal face to face, especiallywhen it’s Inexpensive, Easy, and FAST ! But more important, as our name implies, the business card is theCommon Denominator needed by every business on earth. 

This exciting new Franchise has a 27 year history starting in 1985 with continued success, making this business model a true one-stop destination for everyone looking for any type of visual communication. The absolute perfect combination that appeals to almost everyone. He has to date, proven, without a doubt, this business model over those years, and most recently, during the worst recession in history, that it is sustainable, profitable, and fun. 

BizCard Xpress Training, Education, and Support is designed to bring you up to speed with the most successful methods to run your business on all levels, and field tested to guide you every step of the way. Our methods have been proven throughout the middle of the worst recession in history, so they work, make money, and have fun doing it. Get ready to have some fun while you are making money, and forget that tedious job you may now have. We will make you a true professional even though you are now scared to death about not knowing this industry, and be assured, you will absolutely love this business the way we have structured it; just ask anyone who is working with us on any level.  

The BizCard Xpress business model is structured for today's desires, not yesterday's methods, and is a giant step ahead of the industry, the perfect example of sustainability in ANY ECONOMY.CONTACT: Lee Papadeas, Founder, BizCard Xpress, 800-591-0113 

Same Day Service for Printing
Signs, Banners, and Vinyl Lettering
BizCard Xpress Franchise
Business Cards in 1 Hour or Less

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