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OnTrack™ is a free benchmarking tool that gives IFA members a way to compare key metrics for sales, expenses, employees, and best practices to improve franchise system performance.  Franchisors can use OnTrack to      

  • Compare the performance of their franchise system to  peers'     

  •  View KPIs by system size, business category, total revenue, and years in franchising    
  •  Analyze unit metrics, lead costs, expenses, and employee allocations      

           Get Started  

    Information you'll need. To make things as quick and easy as possible, this Data Collection Worksheet lists all the information you'll need to complete your OnTrack v. 2.0 profile. You can save the worksheet any time, send it to someone else for input, or just use it for reference as you gather information. 

    What you can measure. OnTrack will tell you how your peers perform for metrics in finance, sales, employment, and business practices.  

    How to use OnTrack v. 2.0. Simple instructions (written and in video) for using OnTrack.

    Learn More

    2.0 Webinar. This recorded webinar details the new features added to OnTrack v. 2.0 including export to Excel, additional charts, and updates to the data platform.  

    FAQs. Answers to the most frequently asked OnTrack questions.  


    “A task force of IFA members developed and tested OnTrack™ to identify those KPIs that are critical for measuring and improving performance in franchise systems.   

    OnTrack is designed to provide an easy-to-use tool that delivers essential information for timely, relevant reports.   

    I strongly encourage you to embrace this new member benefit and start using OnTrack to measure and improve system-wide performance in your company.”   

    Brian Spindel, CFE
    Chairman, IFA Benchmarking Task Force

    PostNet International Franchise Corp.