Age Advantage Home Care Franchising, Inc.

Business Established:
Franchising Since:
Franchised Units:
Company Owned Units:
Start-up Cost:
$50000 to $110000
Total Investment:
$63780 to $110450
Veteran Hired Since 2011:
Veteran Owned Units:
Offering Financial Assistance
Home Care is not a recommended home based business; however, starting an agency does not mean you have to spend a lot of money if you spend your time, attention, and income wisely.
Special Incentives
Franchise under $50K
New Member
VetFran Partcipant
Health Aids & Services
Maid & Personal Services
Senior Care
VetFran Incentive
Age Advantage Home Care offers qualified veterans 10% off of the initial franchisee fee. Franchise fee ranges from 20,000 to 60,000 depending on territory size.
Company Details
Serving seniors… is our passion, our life’s mission, our honor. They have spent their lives building the world we enjoy. They have fought for our freedoms, paved our streets, built our schools and invented our necessities. Some brought us into this world and invested everything they had for us. Our children now swing from the trees they planted. These beautiful lives that have experienced the gains and losses, the successes and failures, the laughter and tears of life, are the lives we serve. Age Advantage specializes in non-medical home care for seniors.
Contact Information
Primary Contact & Title
Gregory Archer
Secondary Contact & Title
James Wells
Director of Business Development
9461 Grossmont Summit Drive
La Mesa
United States
Zip Code
(619) 433-0141
(619) 858-2317
Our 5 day training program will equip you with the tools needed to establish your franchise business confidently and quickly. When you arrive at our headquarters in San Diego, California for our intensive training program you will learn how to: research and penetrate your market, establish and retain long term care referrals, recruit, hire and train quality employees, retain the best caregivers utilizing innovative employee recognition and support systems, provide client consultations and assessments, care for hourly or live-in clients requiring minimum to maximum assistance, ensure qualified and dependable care, offer great service, run your company efficiently and innovatively, accelerate your own success. Our mentoring program offers continual support as you work towards success and independence! Our on-going mentoring program supports you with scheduled personal phone meetings, onsite assistance, and multiple levels of training as your business grows.
To be awarded an Age Advantage franchise you must possess a desire to help the age advantaged, a dedication to succeed, and a determination for independence. We are looking for a team of owners across the nation who share our passion for serving seniors and who are genuinely interested in providing quality care. We have implemented high standards for selecting franchise owners because we all reflect each other.

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