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In keeping with the International Franchise Association’s mission to protect, enhance and promote franchising, IFA’s government relations program is designed to preserve and enhance the legislative and regulatory climate for the growth of franchising. We do this by, among other things, helping IFA members to educate policymakers in all levels of government on the valuable impact of franchising. Read below about IFA's federal, state and international government initiatives.


IFA's 2014 Policy Platform  


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Federal Legislative Priorities  



 CapAccess   HealthCare 
 Immigration   Workforce Policy 
 TaxReform   Veterans2013 



State Legislative Priorities  

IFA opposes legislation that would insert the government into private franchise contracts freely agreed to by each party. Market forces, not government mandates and relationship laws, should create the climate for changes to Franchise Agreements and should drive improvements in franchising practices. 


Maine  California  
 New Hampshire   Massachusetts 


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