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WASHINGTON, Nov. 4, 2009—The International Franchise Association today urged the House of Representatives to oppose a health care reform bill unveiled last week by House leadership.  

“While we support efforts to reform our nation’s health care system, we cannot support reform at any price.  We urge Congress to oppose H.R. 3962, the Affordable Health Care for America Act,” IFA Vice President of Government Relations David French wrote in a letter sent today to all members of the House.  “We do not believe that this legislation achieves meaningful, long-term control of U.S. health care costs.”   

French said that IFA has a long history of advocating for changes in health care laws that allow employers to provide health care benefits to their employees and restrain ever increasing health insurance costs.  He explained that IFA is supportive of several provisions in the legislation that make necessary changes in the insurance market and provide pathways for some small businesses to access affordable coverage, but the $1 trillion cost of the bill raises serious concerns.  

“Much of the revenue necessary for this level of federal spending will come on the backs of small franchise businesses through a series of tax surcharges and penalties," French said.  “The IFA’s long standing priority is to ensure that health insurance is more affordable for franchise businesses and their employees.”

In addition, IFA opposes any federal mandate for employers to provide health coverage and the creation of a public option that will, over time, shift costs onto the vast majority of employers that provide private insurance coverage.  

“H.R. 3962 is a significant government intrusion into the benefits decisions of employers and it clearly fails IFA’s basic test of enhancing coverage option for small employers without increasing cost,” French said.  “In order to comply with the new mandates required by H.R. 3962, franchised businesses would have to scale back wages, reduce hiring and raise prices for services.  These measures will further stunt economic recovery and curtail future job growth.”
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