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October 27 - IFA Names Four Franchise Industry Leaders to its Board of Directors

October 27 - Marriott Executive Liam Brown Elected Secretary of the International Franchise Association

October 24 - Yoshino Nakajima is Recipient of IFA's Bonny LeVine Award

October 24 - IFA Names Aslam Khan as 2014 Entrepreneur of the Year

October 24 - Rafael Alvarez to Receive IFA’s Ronald E. Harrison Diversity Award

October 24 - Steve Siegel Named to the International Franchise Association Hall of Fame

October 23 - IFA and NCSA Work Together for Cyber Security

October 22 - IFA Educational Foundation Launches Young Entrepreneurs in Franchising Global Competition

October 17 - IFA Lawsuit Against Discriminatory Provisions of Seattle Minimum Wage Law Moves Forward in U.S. District Court

September 29 - International Franchise Association Applauds Governor Brown’s Veto of S.B. 610 in California

September 24 - Franchisees Launch Appeal to Gov. Jerry Brown to Veto SB 610

September 22 - Employer Community Launches Initiative to Restore Traditional Work Week in Affordable Care Act

September 19 - Reps. Dan Lipinski and Todd Young Named as Recipients of IFA’s 2014 Legislator of the Year Award

September 19 - Leveraging Technology to Impact Franchisees Bottom Lines

September 17 - BrightStar Founder Shelly Sun Receives IFA FranPAC MVP Award at IFA’S Public Affairs Conference

September 16 - IFA Applauds Bill to Reform the National Labor Relations Board

September 9 - Franchise Business Model at Risk Due to Joint Employer Status

September 8 - IFA Urges Senate Committee to Reject Appointment of Sharon Block to NLRB

September 3 - IFA Responds to Union-Led Protests at Franchise Restaurants Nationwide

August 29 - IFA Lauds Domino’s Decision by California Supreme Court

August 21 - IFA Statement Regarding Senate Passage of California Senate Bill 610

August 20 - International Franchise Association launches Ad Campaign Highlighting Agenda Behind Seattle Minimum Wage Law

August 19 - IFA Amps Up Defense of Franchise Industry Through Partnership with Job Creators Network

August 17 - 2014 Supplier Source Book

August 6 - IFA Seeks Injunction to Halt Seattle’s Discrimination Against Small Franchisees

August 1 - IFA Statement on “Blacklisting” Businesses from Federal Contracts

July 29 - IFA Statement on NLRB Declaring McDonald’s Corporation a “Joint Employer”

July 23 - IFA Applauds House Vote to Reauthorize Brand USA

July 17 - IFA Statement on Extension of Food Inventory Donation Tax Deduction

July 11 - IFA Statement on Permanently Extending Bonus Depreciation

July 9 - IFA Commends Chicago Task Force for Even Handed Recommendation on Minimum Wage Increase

July 8 - Statement from the IFA on Chicago Minimum Wage Working Group’s Recommendation

June 26 - IFA Applauds Supreme Court Decision Finding Obama Recess NLRB Appointments Illegal

June 20 - IFA Issues Statement on Proposed Overtime Regulations

June 19 - Two Reports Show Franchise Growth Expected to Increase at Fastest Rate in Five Years

June 17 - IFA Statement on Federal Contractor Minimum Wage Rules

June 17 - IFA Asks Chicago City Council to Treat Franchisees as the Small Businesses They Are

June 12 - IFA Statement on Passage of H.R. 4457, the America’s Small Business Tax Relief Act of 2014

June 11 - IFA Files Lawsuit Against Seattle for Equal Treatment

June 10 - IFA Statement on Proposed “Buffett Rule”

June 2 - IFA Names Franchisee Relations Executive to Senior Management Ranks

June 2 - IFA to File Lawsuit Against Unfair and Discriminatory Seattle Minimum Wage Plan

May 20 - IFA Opposes Minimum Wage Proposals in Seattle that Would Destroy the Franchise Business Model

April 30 - IFA Statement on Failed Minimum Wage Bill

April 29 - IFA Opposes Legislation to Raise Federal Minimum Wage

April 28 - IFA Statement on David Weil Confirmation to U.S. Department of Labor Wage & Hour Division

April 24 - On Third Anniversary of White House Joining Forces Program, IFA Highlights Achievements of Veterans in Franchising

April 24 - The 2014 U.S. Bank Small Business Annual Survey Finds The ACA Is Causing Employers To Cut Staff And Reduce New Hires

April 15 - Connecticut Votes to Reject Harmful Franchise Bill

April 7 - Franchise Growth Remains on Track in 2014 but Hurdles Remain

April 3 - IFA Applauds House of Representatives for Passing the Save American Workers Act

April 2 - IFA Statement - Maine State Senate Rejects LD 1458 Minority Report

April 2 - Deadlines for the 2014 International Franchise Opportunities Guide

April 2 - IFA Calls for a Return to 40-Hour Work Week in Health Care Law

March 27 - IFA Applauds Senate Confirmation of Maria Contreras-Sweet to Lead Small Business Administration

March 19 - Robert Cresanti to Lead Government Relations And Public Policy for the IFA

March 13 - Merchant and Financial Services Cybersecurity Partnership Announces Structure, Shows Momentum and Progress Towards Goals

March 13 - IFA Statement on Obama’s Use of Executive Authority to Expand Overtime Eligibility

March 12 - IFA Statement Following Senate Committee Hearing on Minimum Wage

February 26 - IFA Applauds Chairman Camp on Latest Tax Reform Discussion Draft

February 25 - IFA Board Provides $2 million Grant as seed for a $10 million Capital Campaign

February 23 - Marianne P. Murphy Receives IFA’s Women’s Franchise Committee Crystal Compass Honor

February 10 - IFA Responds to New Delays in Employer Mandate for Some Small Employers but not Others

February 7 - IFA Issues Statement on Proposed “Ambush Elections” Rule

February 7 - IFA Opens First Franchise Resource Center in Green Bay

February 4 - IFA Praises Efforts by House Ways & Means Committee to Fix Definition of Full Time in ACA

January 31 - IFA Applauds House Republican Announcement Today Advancing Immigration Reform

January 31 - Ways & Means Markup Demonstrates Growing Momentum for Changing 30-Hour Definition

January 28 - The State of the Union – Franchise Edition

January 28 - Franchise Leader Calls On Congress To Return To Traditional 40-Hour Definition Of Full-time In ACA

January 28 - Franchise Veteran Urges Passage of Legislation to Support More Veterans Getting Into Franchising

January 15 - IFA Statement on President’s Plan to Nominate New Head of the SBA

January 13 - Franchise Businesses Projected to Grow Faster Than the Rest of the Economy In 2014

January 6 - IFA Announces Partnership with New England Franchise Association

January 6 - IFA Pleased with NLRB Decision Not to Appeal Court’s Decision on Poster Rule

December 16 - IFA Applauds Bipartisan Legislation to Boost Franchise Small Business Ownership Opportunities for Veterans

December 11 - IFA Applauds Bipartisan Budget Deal; Calls for Pro-Growth Agenda

December 5 - IFA Responds to Protests at Quick Service Franchise Restaurants

December 5 - Survey Shows Mandating a Minimum Wage Increase Will Hurt Employees and the Economy

December 3 - IFA Statement on Legislation to Amend U.S. Patent System

November 27 - IFA Statement on Delay of Small Business Health Options Program

November 26 - Franchises Add 25,060 Jobs in October, But FBI Growth Was Flat

November 14 - IFA Recognized With Veteran and Military Spouse Employment Award

November 13 - IFA-U.S. Chamber Survey Shows Employers Facing Higher Costs, Reducing Full-Time Jobs, Due to ACA

November 6 - Former Defense Secretary and CIA Director Leon Panetta to Headline IFA’s Annual Convention

November 5 - IFA Reports Over 151,000 Veterans and Military Spouses Have Entered Franchising Since 2011

November 5 - IFA Advertising Delivers Results

October 30 - Growth of Franchise Business Index Slows

October 16 - Franchises Add 15,040 Jobs in September; Meanwhile Shutdown Delays Franchise Business Index Update

October 16 - IFA Statement Regarding Resolution to Reopen Government and Lift Debt Ceiling

October 11 - IFA Calls on Congress to Support Measures to Fund the Federal Government

October 10 - IFA’s Lobbyist Selected to TRENDS 2013 Leading Association Lobbyists for Work on Healthcare and Immigration Reform

October 9 - Redefining 40-Hour Work Week in Health Law would Ease Burden on Small Businesses

September 30 - IFA Launches Historic Initiative to Enhance Franchise Relations

September 25 - IFA Names Seven Franchise Leaders to its Board of Directors

September 24 - IFA Releases New Guide to Educate Workers How to Comply with New Healthcare Law

September 24 - Shelly Sun Elected to the Officer Corps of the International Franchise Association

September 18 - New Regulation on Home Care Workers Creates Lose-Lose Situation

September 18 - New Reports Underscore Both the Strength and Policy Concerns of Franchise Industry

September 17 - Franchise Industry Growth Holds Steady

September 6 - IFA statement on Treasury Dept. Proposed Reporting Requirements Under the ACA

September 5 - SmartBrief Marketing is Driving Leads

August 29 - $15 Minimum Wage is Unrealistic and Would Jeopardize Franchise Ownership and Job Opportunities

August 14 - Franchise Business Index Hits Post-Recession High

August 2 - IFA applauds legislation to accelerate changes in the health-care law’s 30-hour work-week definition

July 30 - IFA President and CEO disappointed by President Obama's speech calling for corporate-only tax reform

July 29 - Make Sure You’re Seen in the Supplier Source Book

July 23 - IFA Joins Coalition to Ensure Effective tax rates guide tax reform

July 17 - New Reports Underscore Strength and Policy Concerns of Franchise Industry

July 16 - IFA to Massachusetts Legislature: Current Statutory Environment Creates “Chilling Effect” on Franchise Development

July 15 - There is Still Time to Capture Their Attention

July 10 - Franchisee to Congress: Employer Mandate Delay Does Not Alter Fundamental Problems With ACA

July 2 - Five Franchise Industry Icons Inducted into the International Franchise Association Hall of Fame

July 2 - The Franchise Industry is Pleased with ACA Extension, But More Relief is Needed

June 28 - IFA Applauds House Bill to Restore 40-Hour Work Week Definition in Affordable Care Act

June 27 - IFA Applauds Senate Passage of Comprehensive Immigration Reform

June 27 - IFA Thanks Senators for Efforts to Move Tax Reform Dialogue Forward

June 27 - Increase Your Brand’s Exposure in The Franchise Opportunities Guide

June 26 - IFA Member and The UPS Store Franchisee Offers Small Business Policy Recommendations on Trade in House Testimony

June 24 - IFA Welcomes U.S. Supreme Court Decision to Hear Case on Constitutionality of President Obama’s Recess Appointments to NLRB

June 21 - Franchise Leaders Urge Senate to Act on Immigration Reform

June 20 - ADP Launches New Jobs Report Targeting Franchises

June 19 - SBA Lending to Franchises Jumps 60% According to New Industry Report

June 18 - IFA Praises Bipartisan Bill To Redefine Full-Time Employee And Large Employer Definition In Health Care Law

June 10 - New Delaware Law Clarifies Franchisees as Independent Contractors

June 5 - Franchise Growth Rates to Remain Flat in Second Half of Year

June 3 - ADP Announces New ADP National Franchise ReportSM, Providing Insights into Franchise Employment Trends by Industry

May 23 - Ahead of Memorial Day, IFA Praises Sens. Rubio, Casey for Re-Introducing Bill to Help Veterans Own Franchise Small Businesses

May 22 - Rise in Franchise Business Index Continues for Fifth Straight Month

May 16 - IFA Applauds Court Decision Finding Obama Recess NLRB Appointments Illegal

May 15 - IFA Supports House Repeal of Affordable Care Act

May 8 - Franchising, Consumers and Jobs in Maine Would be Harmed by “Maine Small Business Protection Act”

May 7 - IFA Applauds Ruling Striking Down NLRB Poster Rule

May 3 - IFA Statement on April Jobs Report

April 30 - Franchise industry has hired nearly one quarter of all veterans and military spouses since 2011 as part of the White House Joining Forces Initiative

April 18 - IFA Commends Tenets of Immigration Reform Bill for Protecting Employers while Providing Workers to Fuel Future Growth

April 17 - Franchise Business Index improves for third consecutive month

April 16 - IFA urges comprehensive approach to tax reform in comments to Ways & Means Working Groups

April 15 - June Franchising World: Recruiting Minority Franchisees into Your System

April 3 - Franchise Industry Launches Campaign to Voice the Needs of Businesses in Immigration Reform Debate

March 27 - New Report Shows Franchises Continue to Grow Faster than Other Businesses Led by Real Estate, Restaurant and Service Sectors

March 22 - IFA Releases New Data Showing Potential Job Loss in Each State Because of the ACA

March 15 - IFA’s VetFran Partners with Hiring Our Heroes & Capital One on Behalf of Veterans

March 12 - Chairman Camp’s Small Business Tax Reform Draft a “Positive Step” Toward Comprehensive Reform

March 11 - IFA Applauds Court’s Decision Preventing NYC Beverage Ban

March 10 - Recruiting Honorably Discharged Veterans into Your System

March 8 - IFA Statement on the February Jobs Report

March 5 - Employer Mandate Changes to Affordable Care Act Would Ease Burden on Small Businesses

March 5 - IFA Statement on Proposal to Increase Federal Minimum Wage

March 4 - Recruiting Multi-Unit Franchisees into Your System

February 28 - IFA Applauds Lawmakers for Introducing Employer Mandate Repeal Bill

February 26 - IFA's VetFran Partners with VA Accelerator Initiative to Encourage Veteran Franchisee Success

February 20 - Rise in Franchise Business Index Consistent with Forecast for Modest Growth in 2013

February 20 - IFA Names YUM! Brands, Inc. Diversity Award Winner

February 19 - Peter Cancro Earns IFA Entrepreneur of the Year Award

February 19 - Romaniello Assumes Chairmanship of the IFA

February 19 - 137 Franchise Executives Attain Certified Franchise Executives Status During IFA’s Annual Convention

February 18 - Sidney J. Feltenstein Honored as IFA’s Hall of Fame Winner

February 17 - Susan Black-Beth Earns Leadership Honor

February 13 - IFA Statement on State of the Union

February 13 - Franchise industry could create more jobs with meaningful regulatory changes

February 11 - IFA Releases 2013 Policy Platform to Accelerate Job Creation in Franchising

February 11 - IFA Statement on Resignation of SBA Administrator Karen Mills

February 8 - IFA Receives Award for Innovation in Grassroots Advocacy

January 31 - IFA Praises Effort to Help Franchise Small Businesses Participate in Regulatory Development

January 28 - IFA Partners with U.S. Government to Support Economic Growth in Tunisia

January 28 - IFA Statement on Comprehensive Immigration Reform Framework

January 26 - Branding Opportunities Still Available in the Spring/Summer FOG

January 25 - IFA Statement on D.C. Circuit Court Ruling on NLRB Recess Appointments

January 23 - Enhance your Listing and Increase your Brand’s Visibility

January 16 - Fiscal Cliff Debate held back Franchise Growth in December

January 7 - December Jobs Report Mirrors Growth Sectors for Franchising in 2013

January 2 - Tax Agreement Paves Way for Ongoing, Steady Franchise Growth in 2013

January 1 - Reaching Franchise Opportunity Seekers

December 20 - Slow, Steady Growth To Continue for Franchise Businesses in 2013

December 12 - IFA Prepares for growth with addition of finance, technology and administration expert

December 11 - NFL and IFA Launch Franchising Boot Camp at Ross School of Business at Univ. of Michigan

December 11 - IFA Response to BRT Letter: Small Businesses Create Jobs, Not Corporate CEO's

December 10 - IFA Survey: Nearly 80 Percent of Franchisees May Halt Hiring without Extension of Current Tax Rates

December 5 - Franchise Missions Bring Economic Development to Critical Areas

December 3 - IFA and ICSC Partner to Connect Real Estate Openings with Franchise Development

November 26 - World-leading accreditation process to be introduced in Australia

November 20 - Franchise Business Index Up Slightly For Third Straight Month

November 14 - Franchise Industry CEOs Urge Congress to Address Fiscal Cliff, Comprehensive Tax Reform

November 12 - Planning your 2013 marketing strategy? We’re here to help grow your business!

November 9 - Survey: Franchise Business Owners Say They Are Unlikely to Grow by Nearly 3 to 1 Margin Following Elections

November 8 - Report: Franchising Industry has hired over 60,000 veterans since 2011

November 7 - Franchise Industry Looks Forward to Working with Pres. Obama and New Congress to Accelerate Job Creation

October 18 - Franchise Business Index reaches Highest Yearly Gain Since Recession

October 2 - IFA Honored with Awards for Veteran Hiring Initiative by ASAE and PR News

September 21 - International Franchise Association Elects Six Franchise Leaders to its Board

September 21 - Multi-Unit, Multi-Brand Franchisee Elected to Leadership Post at the IFA

September 20 - Franchise Businesses Continue to Outperform Economy

September 20 - US Small Business Administrator Karen Mills to Speak at Veterans Day Event as San Antonio Veterans Become Franchise Business Owners

September 18 - Technology is Moving Franchising Forward

September 13 - Beverage Ban Will Crush Profits of New York Restaurant Franchisees

September 12 - New Task Force Named to Review Ways to Enhance IFA Franchise Relations Programs

September 11 - IFA Partners With The U.S. Census Bureau To Increase Response Rates For The 2012 Economic Census

September 11 - Franchise Industry Names Sen. Roy Blunt and Sen. Chris Coons as 2012 Legislators of the Year

September 11 - IFA Names Lane Fisher First Sid Feltenstein FranPAC MVP Award Winner

September 10 - Franchise Growth Lags As Fiscal Cliff Threatens Expansion

August 22 - Soft Consumer Spending and Tax Uncertainty Weigh on Franchise Businesses

August 1 - IFA Urges U.S. House to Extend Current Tax Rates

July 30 - IFA CEO Update: Six weeks until the 13th Annual Public Affairs Conference

July 29 - The Supplier Source Book – A Trusted Resource for Franchisors and Franchisees

July 23 - IFA Submits Comments Opposing Sugary Drink Ban to NYC Health Board

July 19 - New Lending Model to Accelerate Small Business Loans to Franchise Sector

July 18 - Franchise Business Index Declines for First time in 10 Months

July 11 - IFA Statement on House Vote to Repeal Affordable Care Act

July 10 - Highlighting Your Franchisee of the Year Award Winner

June 29 - New Survey Shows 85 percent of Franchise Businesses Less Likely to Grow Due to Health Care Ruling

June 28 - High Court Ruling Puts Jobs at Franchise Businesses at Risk

June 28 - Franchise Industry Launches New Tools for Veterans to Access Opportunities in Franchising

June 26 - Increase Your Brand Visibility

June 20 - Franchise Business Index up 0.3 percent in May

May 31 - NYC 16 ounce beverage ban would harm small business franchise owners

May 30 - Midyear Economic Outlook Shows Improvement for the Franchise Sector

May 23 - Franchise Business Index Up 0.5% In April - Improved Credit Access and Employment Growth Key Reasons for the Increase

May 22 - Survey: Veteran Franchise Small Business Ownership Spikes in Past Year

May 18 - IFA Releases'To-Do List' for Congress and Administration on Eve of SBA National Small Business Week

May 15 - IFA Applauds Court Rejection Of Ambush Election Rule

May 9 - High Gas Prices Hinder Franchise Small Business Sales, Growth

May 7 - IFA Celebrates National Travel and Tourism Week

April 30 - Ed Gillespie and Terry McAuliffe to Headline IFA's Public Affairs Conference

April 26 - IFA Calls on Congress to Extend Expiring Tax Provisions

April 25 - Franchise Business Index Shows No Gain in March

April 24 - Recruiting Minority Franchisees into Your System

April 23 - IFA Issues Key Vote to Senate Urging Disapproval of NLRB Ambush Election Rule

April 23 - IFA Announces Enhanced Communications & Public Affairs Function Along with Several Promotions

April 18 - IFA to Congress: Small Business Tax Cut Act will Help Franchises Hire Workers

April 17 - Consider Adding SmartBrief to Your Marketing Mix

April 17 - Leaders in Small Business, Financial Services, Expand Partnership to Strengthen Lending, Spur Job Creation

April 16 - Lending Shortfall Impedes Franchise Business Growth

April 10 - Buffett Rule Would Harm Small Business Owners in Franchising

April 6 - IFA Statement on March Jobs Report

April 2 - IFA Calls for Comprehensive Tax Reform as U.S. Tax Rate Tops the World List

April 2 - IFA Renews Partnership with ADP

April 2 - Georgia General Assembly Unanimously Approves Law Codifying Franchise Relationships as Contractual Business Relationships

March 30 - IFA Supplier Forum Members Dedicated to Veterans

March 29 - IFA Calls for Repeal of Job-Killing Employer Mandate

March 28 - IFA Says SBA Lending Key to Franchise Business Growth

March 22 - Economic Health of the Franchise Industry is Stronger Compared to a Year Ago

March 21 - Small Business Tax Cut Act Would Spur Job Creation by Franchise Business Owners

March 20 - Labor Dept. Proposal Harms Seniors, Workers, Franchise Small Business Owners, IFA Member Testifies

March 19 - Caldeira Urges Lenders to Bank on Franchising at Consumer Bankers Association Convention

March 16 - IFA Names Dean Heyl Director, State Goverment Relations, Public Policy & Tax Counsel

March 15 - IFA Supports CDW Lawsuit Challenging Appointees to NLRB

March 15 - Attention All VetFran Members

March 9 - IFA Statement on February Jobs Report

March 8 - JumpStart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act will Boost Access to Capital for Franchise Small Businesses

March 2 - IFA Applauds Republican House Leaders Efforts to Cut Taxes, Boost Access to Capital for Small Businesses

March 2 - Update on NLRB Employee Right Poster Requirement Court Ruling

February 29 - IFA Asks Speaker Boehner to Address Business Activity Tax Challenges to Spur Job Creation & Reduce Federal Budget Deficits

February 24 - PAFI and IFA Announce Alliance with National Basketball Retired Players Association

February 23 - Eliminating Overtime Exemption for Companion Care Workers Would Harm Seniors, Small Business Owners and Workers

February 22 - Corporate Tax Reform Would Leave Behind Many Franchise Small Business Owners Filing as Individuals

February 22 - Brewer Promoted to Senior Director of Education and Diversity

February 21 - President’s Budget Proposal Would Raise Taxes on Franchise Small Businesses

February 21 - IFA Applauds Congressional Challenge to NLRB Ambush Election Rules

February 21 - Statement by IFA President and CEO Regarding Passage of the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012

February 15 - Attention Food and Beverage Franchisor Members

February 14 - Church's Chicken Multi-Unit Franchisee Aslam Khan Honored as Diversity Award Recipient

February 14 - Super Wash Executive Susan E. Black-Beth Honored for Mentoring Women Entrepreneurs

February 13 - 134 Franchise Executives to Reach Certified Executive Status at IFA's Annual Convention

February 13 - Belfor Franchise Group Founder John Rotche Earns Franchise Industry Entrepreneur of the Year Award

February 12 - Franchise Industry Pioneer and Tasti D-Lite CEO James H. Amos Jr. Named to IFA Hall of Fame

February 11 - IFA Honors Abrakadoodle President Rosemarie Hartnett with Crystal Compass

February 7 - IFA Hails Effort by Reps. Shock, Schilling, to Remove 1099-K Tax Burden on Franchise Small Business Owners

February 6 - Franchise Industry Convention to Address Veteran Unemployment Challenge

January 31 - IFA-Backed Franchise Relationship Policy Adopted by American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)

January 31 - IFA Calls for Extension of Complete Tax-Extenders Package, Not Piecemeal Approach

January 27 - Increase in Consumer Spending Key to Job Growth by Franchise Businesses

January 27 - IFA Adds Senior Director of Marketing and Digital Communications to its Ranks

January 25 - Add SmartBrief Advertising to Your Marketing Mix

January 25 - Going Global with IFA

January 24 - CEO Update: IFA Proposes Policy Agenda for Congress, President Obama

January 20 - President's Efforts to Boost Tourism will Help Franchise Businesses Create Jobs and Boost Sales

January 13 - IFA's Garners Two Awards for Creativity in Design and Communications

January 13 - IFA Statement Following Announcement by President Obama to Appoint SBA Administrator Karen Mills to Cabinet-level Position

January 12 - Attention All Members: There's Still Time to Stand Out and be Seen

January 5 - IFA Names New Director of Political Affairs & Grassroots Advocacy

January 4 - IFA Strongly Disappointed in NLRB Recess Appointments by President Obama

January 4 - Increasing Brand Visibility

January 3 - Band-Aid Approach to Payroll Tax Holiday not a Prescription for Job Creation by Franchise Small Businesses

December 21 - Lawsuit Challenging Labor Board Election Rules Supported by IFA

December 20 - Failure to Extend Payroll Tax Holiday Could Jeopardize Projections for Franchise Small Business Job Creation

December 19 - IFA CEO Update: End of Year Report Video

December 19 - Franchise Businesses Show Signs of Recovery in 2012 After Years of Restrained Growth

December 16 - Proposed Labor Regulations Will Raise Health Care Costs on Seniors, Hinder Job Creation by Fast-Growing Sector of Franchising

December 16 - Veterans Invited to IFA Convention and Franchise Expo South

December 16 - Franchising Gives Back to Support Orlando Veterans Facility

December 15 - YUM! Brands CEO David Novak to Headline Super Session at IFA Convention

December 15 - Attention All Members – Please Update Your Member Listing

December 12 - Franchise Trade Mission Joins U.S. Franchise Launch in Indonesia

December 8 - New Research Shows Changes in Franchise Ownership Demographics Among Women, Minorities

December 8 - Hanoi is Hungry for American Franchise Brands

December 6 - Attention ALL IFA Members: Time to Update your Member listing

December 5 - U.S. Department of Commerce Recognizes IFA’s Efforts to Help Franchise Companies Grow in Foreign Markets

December 1 - IFA Leading Franchising Trade Mission to Southeast Asia

November 29 - IFA Calls for House to Block NLRB Ambush Elections, Micro-Unions

November 21 - President Obama Recognizes Franchise Industry Commitment to Reduce Veteran Unemployment

November 20 - New Research Reports Will Forecast Growth of Franchising Industry

November 20 - IFA Supplier Forum Restructures to Bring Added Value to Organization, Members

November 17 - New Legislation Would Allow Veterans to Use G.I. Bill Funds for Franchise Training Programs

November 15 - IFA Praises Coons, Rubio Bipartisan Jobs Bill for Support of Small Business and Veterans

November 14 - Attention Annual Convention Exhibitors: Secure Your Warm Leads Today!

November 10 - Franchise Industry Joins First Lady Michelle Obama to Announce Veteran Hiring Commitments

November 10 - IFA Applauds Senate Passage of Veterans Tax Credits for Employers

November 4 - Positive Jobs Numbers Would be Even Higher with Pro-Growth Policies

November 3 - Need Help Planning Your 2012 Marketing Strategy?

November 1 - Former Apple Executive Guy Kawasaki to Speak at IFA Convention

October 31 - IFA Formalizes Platform to Help Professional Athletes Become Franchisees

October 31 - IFA Wins Distinguished Service Honor from Small Business Lenders

October 27 - House Small Business Committee Hearing Examines Access to Credit Challenges

October 26 - Attention: Marketing and Public Relations Leaders

October 25 - IFA Launches Tools to Help Franchise Businesses Determine Costs of Health Care Law

October 21 - Senators Join Franchise Businesses to Support Pro-Growth Policies

October 21 - IFA Announces Facebook as New Member; Will offer Franchise Small Businesses Tools to Spur Job Creation

October 19 - Franchise Business Owners Join Senators to Support Job Creating Policies

October 18 - Attention Marketing and Public Relations Thought Leaders

October 14 - Piecemeal Approach to Tax Reform Will Not Create Jobs

October 14 - Labor Board Decisions Impacting Franchise Businesses

October 11 - IFA CEO Update: Impact of New Swipe Fees on Franchise Businesses

October 10 - Planning your 2012 marketing strategy? We’re here to help grow your business!

October 7 - September Jobs REPORT Highlights Need for Long-Term Tax Reform for Small Businesses

October 7 - IFA Calls on Congress To Pass Legislation Protecting Franchise Small Businesses From Union Organizing Campaigns

October 3 - IFA Adds New Department Led by Beth Solomon to Advance Strategic Initiatives and Strengthen Industry Relations

October 3 - IFA Urges Super Committee to Tackle Tax Reform for Small Franchise Businesses

September 27 - IFA Announces Educational Sponsor for Institute of Certified Franchise Executives Program

September 26 - IFA Letter to Super Committee to Tackle Tax Reform for Small Franchise Businesses

September 26 - IFA CEO Update: Recap of the 2011 Public Affairs Conference

September 26 - Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly to Kick off Franchise Industry Convention

September 23 - Two Men And A Truck® Chairwoman Elected to Leadership Post at IFA

September 23 - IFA Welcomes Four New Board Members

September 22 - Committee Passage of E-Verify Legislation A Positive Step Forward

September 20 - Attention Supplier Forum Members: Help Franchisors Sharpen Their Competitive Edge

September 15 - Legislation Would Boost Veteran Small Business Ownership, Create Jobs

September 15 - Franchise Industry Names Sen. Landrieu and Rep, Graves as 2011 Legislators of the Year

September 15 - IFA Applauds Lawmakers for Renewed Effort to Repeal Job-Killing Employer Mandates for Franchise Small Businesses

September 14 - Adding the IFA SmartBrief to Your Marketing Mix

September 12 - Health Care Law Puts Millions of Jobs at Risk for Thousands of Franchise Businesses Across the Country

September 12 - Ad Campaign Showcases Franchise Small Businesses as Proven Job Creators

September 8 - President Should Focus on Pro Growth Policies to Create Jobs

August 31 - New Business Leader Survey Highlights Need for Pro-Growth Policies

August 22 - Proposed Labor Board Rules Would Stifle Franchise Business and Job Growth

August 12 - Court Ruling First Step to Repealing Harmful Provisions in Health Care Law

August 11 - IFA Launches “Franchising Gives Back” to Kick off the 52nd Annual Convention

August 11 - Attention Supplier Members – Nine Days Left Until the Supplier Source Book Space Deadline

August 10 - Attention All Members: 24 Hours Left to be Included in the Franchise Opportunities Guide

August 8 - Veteran Incentive Programs should Boost Veteran Small Business Ownership

August 8 - Franchise Small Businesses to Boost Grassroots Engagement with Lawmakers During August Recess

August 7 - Attention VetFran Members: Highlight Your Opportunity in the VetFran Section of the Fall/Winter Guide

August 1 - Political Analyst Stuart Rothenberg to Address More than 500 Small Business Owners at IFA Public Affairs Conference

August 1 - IFA Praises Agreement on Debt Ceiling Increase and Spending Cuts

July 29 - IFA Adds Veteran Lobbying and Political Professional to Expanded Government Relations and Public Policy Staff

July 29 - IFA Supports Debt Ceiling Increase to Ensure Economic Certainty for Franchise Small Businesses

July 28 - IFA -You’re proud of your IFA Franchisee of the Year

July 28 - Caldeira Named to HealthStore Foundation Board

July 27 - IFA Acts to Protect Small Business Against Anti-Business “Card Check” Regulatory Tactics

July 13 - Best-Selling Author and Navy Seal Eric Greitens to Address IFA Public Affairs Conference

July 8 - Jobs Numbers Reflect Need for Certainty, Pro-Growth Policies for Small Businesses to Grow

July 1 - FDA Should Consider Economic Burden of Menu Labeling on Franchise Restaurant Owners

June 30 - Attention Franchisor and Supplier Forum Members – The Deadline is this Friday

June 27 - Franchise Companies are Eager for New Convention Ideas and Destinations

June 26 - Give Your Brand The Exposure That it Deserves

June 21 - IFA Calls for Secretary Geithner, Congress, to Reverse Job-Killing Financial Regulations on Small Business

June 20 - IFA- Make Sure to Place Your Logo in the Fall/Winter FOG

June 17 - IFA Calls for IRS to Protect Employer-Sponsored Health Care Coverage

June 16 - Statement By Stephen J. Caldeira IFA President & CEO In Response to the Call for the Elimination of the Small Business Administration

June 14 - Franchise Small Business offer “Low-Hanging Fruit” Solutions to President’s Council on Jobs & Competitiveness

June 13 - IFA Launches Small Business Lending Toolkit to Boost Job Creation

June 8 - Delay in Swipe Fee Reform Would Thwart Job Growth by Franchise Small Businesses

June 8 - IFA Urges U.S. Supreme Court to Recognize Franchise Business Model

June 8 - Senate Vote Heeds Concerns of Franchise Small Businesses on Swipe Fees

June 7 - IFA – Time to Update your Member Listing

June 7 - IFA Files Amicus Brief in Mass. Case Defending Franchise Relationships

June 6 - FOX Business Anchor Stuart Varney to Headline IFA Public Affairs Conference

June 1 - International Franchise Association Names Judith Thorman SVP, Government Relations & Public Policy

May 31 - Regulatory Hurdles Stymie Job Creation by Franchise Small Businesses

May 30 - Does your Company Specialize in Either Local Search, Social Media, or Mobile Technologies?

May 26 - House Republican Jobs Plan Would Provide Economic Certainty for Franchise Small Businesses

May 23 - New Ad Campaign Connects Franchising To Job Creation

May 23 - Health Insurance Tax Hinders Job Creation by Franchise Small Businesses

May 22 - Please Take 5 Minutes to Update your Member Listing

May 18 - IFA Joins Effort to Boost Job Creation in U.S. Travel Industry

May 16 - IFA Launches Expanded Credit Access Campaign to Spur Job Creation and Franchise Business Growth

May 11 - Franchise Industry Praises Focus of President’s Jobs Council

May 10 - Does your business provide solutions for social, mobile, and local search technologies?

April 29 - IFA Announces Partnership to Help Professional Athletes Own Franchise Businesses

April 28 - IFA – Increase Webinar Attendance with IFA SmartBrief

April 15 - Repeal of 1099 IRS Reporting Requirement Signed by President Obama

April 13 - Franchise Businesses Call on Congress to Clarify Business Activity Tax Issues

April 12 - Attracting the New “Emerging Minority” Majority

April 8 - Franchise and Lending Leaders Partner to Increase Credit Access to Small Business

April 7 - IFA Wins Victory with Full Repeal of 1099 Requirement

April 7 - Strategies to Attract the New “Emerging Minority” Majority

April 6 - Franchise Businesses Outline “Solutions For The Economy” To Congress

April 5 - Budget Proposal Paves Way for Franchise Businesses to Create Jobs

April 5 - Repeal of 1099 Requirement A Major Victory for Franchise Small Businesses

April 4 - IFA – Adding SmartBrief to Your Marketing Mix

April 1 - New FDA Menu Labeling Regulations Need Clear Guidance for Franchise Restaurants

March 28 - IFA Chairman Leads Delegation to Lobby in Puerto Rico

March 21 - Report Illustrates Financing Challenges Still Remain for Franchise Small Businesses

March 20 - Attention Supplier Forum Members: Get Exposure at the NRA and ICSC RECon Shows

March 4 - IFA Statement on House Passage of 1099 Repeal Bill

March 3 - Last Chance to be Listed in the Food and Beverage Opportunities Directory

March 2 - Get Your Message in Front of Attendees at the ICSC and NRA Shows

February 16 - IFA Honors Leonard Swartz with Leadership Award

February 16 - Franchise Executive Honored as the Diversity Award Recipient

February 16 - International Franchise Association Welcomes New Board Members

February 16 - Jenna Barber Awarded IRL Marshall CFE Scholarship

February 16 - IFA Honors Executive for Mentoring Women Entrepreneurs

February 16 - IFA Names McDonald’s® Franchise Owner Jack Earle Chairman

February 15 - Candy Bouquet International Founder Wins Franchise Industry Entrepreneur of the Year Award

February 15 - 140 Franchise Executives to Attain CFE Status

February 15 - IFA - US Veterans Make Great Franchisees

February 15 - “State of the Association” report highlights strength of franchise industry

February 14 - 2011 Spring/Summer Franchise Opportunities Guide - Last Chance!

February 14 - Romney Cites Franchise Businesses as Key to Economic Recovery, Job Growth

February 13 - Multi-Unit Franchisee Lawrence “Doc” Cohen Named to International Franchise Association’s Hall of Fame

February 13 - International Franchise Association Honors Franchise Businesswoman with Crystal Compass

February 13 - International Franchise Association's Four Major Award Winners

February 10 - Caldeira Named to SBLC Board of Directors

February 9 - IFA Launches OnTrack-Performance Benchmarking for Franchisors

February 8 - New Health Care Law Discourages Growth Among Small Businesses

February 7 - New Ad Campaign Touts the Economic Impact of Franchising

February 2 - IFA Supports Senate Efforts To Repeal Health Care Law; 1099 Provision

February 2 - IFA Names Former Congressman Melancon Head of Government Relations and Public Policy; Promotes Straczewski to Senior Government Relations Position

February 1 - IFA – Opportunities for Veteran Prospective Franchisees

January 26 - Statement by Stephen J. Caldeira President & CEO, International Franchise Association Regarding President Obama's State of the Union Address

January 26 - Virginia Ruling Clarifies Franchising Business Relationship

January 21 - IFA Praises FDA Decision to Delay Enforcement of Menu Labeling Regulations

January 20 - Franchise Industry Hails House Passage of Health Care Law Repeal

January 19 - IFA Files Amicus Brief to Kentucky Supreme Court Involving Subway

January 18 - International Franchise Welcomes New Members

January 18 - IFA Delivering International Expansion Opportunities

January 13 - Webinar: 2011 Forecast Jan.18-1:30pm EDT

January 12 - Franchise Businesses Poised For Stronger Growth In 2011

January 7 - IFA Joins “Start Over” Coalition to Pass H.R. 2, repeal Health Care Law

January 6 - FranPAC President’s Council Officially Launched at DC Summit

January 4 - Franchise Industry Commends House Effort To Repeal Health Care Law

January 2 - Extension of SBA Authority Critical to Franchise Small Businesses

January 1 - Place Your Logo in The Spring/Summer Franchise Opportunities Guide!

December 17 - Franchise Businesses Recommend Improvements In Menu Labeling Implementation

December 17 - Tax Rate Extenders Bill Will Provide Short-Term Certainty For Franchise Small Businesses

December 16 - CNBC’S Behind the Counter: What they left “Untold” About Franchising

December 16 - Iowa Court Rules On Nexus Case Franchisor

December 15 - Time to Update your Member Listing – January 7th Deadline

December 15 - IFA Welcomes New Members

December 13 - IFA Submits Letter to CNBC for Upcoming Franchising Industry Documentary

December 13 - IFA Key Vote on Tax Relief

December 13 - New Publication Helps Consumers Learn All About Franchising

December 12 - to Offer Enhanced User Experience

December 11 - Attention IFA Annual Convention Exhibitors – 24 Hours Left to Act!

December 11 - IFA Supports Senate Tax Bill

December 7 - IFA Applauds Bipartisan Agreement to Extend Tax Cuts

December 7 - Steve Forbes to Deliver Keynote Address to Franchise Industry Convention

December 6 - Senate Votes to Repeal 1099 Report Requirements Fall Short

December 6 - IFA’s Annual Convention: Best Practices, Solutions Flourish

December 6 - International Franchise Events

December 6 - Update Your IFA Listing, Plan Your 2011 Marketing Strategy

December 6 - Welcome New IFA Members for the Week of Nov. 29

December 6 - IFA Insider Vol. 15, Issue No. 23, Monday, December 6, 2010

December 5 - FBNs to Begin Sessions in January

December 3 - IFA signs coalition letter for extension of estate tax relief

November 22 - IFA Past Chairmen Gather in Washington for Summit

November 22 - HHS Amends “Grandfather” Rules for Health Insurance Plans

November 22 - Sen. Baucus Introduces Bill to Repeal 1099 Reporting Requirement

November 22 - OSHA Changes Its Mind on Noise Protection Standards

November 22 - Miami Trade Show Heats Up Your Search for New Markets

November 22 - Upcoming International franchise Events

November 22 - Franchise Industry Regulation Measure Delayed in Western Australia

November 22 - Paycheck Fairness Bill Blocked in Lame Duck

November 22 - IFA Insider Vol. 15, Issue No. 22, Monday, November 22, 2010

November 18 - IFA President & CEO Steve Caldeira Named to U.S. Chamber of Commerce Association Committee of 100

November 10 - Veterans Increase Franchised Small-Business Ownership

November 8 - IFA Supports Amicus Brief to Protect Employee’s Rights

November 8 - Franchises Focus on Global Expansion Strategies

November 8 - IFA Honors Veterans Day with VetFran Program

November 8 - Access the Franchising World e-Edition

November 8 - Boost Your Franchise Career-ICFE Special Sessions Begin Feb. 12

November 8 - IFA Insider Vol. 15, Issue No. 21, Monday, November 8th, 2010

November 3 - IFA Congratulates Newly-Elected Members of Congress

October 26 - IFA Insider Vol. 15, Issue No. 20, Monday, October 25th, 2010

October 25 - Track FranPAC-Supported Candidates on Election Night

October 25 - IFA Expresses Franchising's Concerns with Implementation of Health Care Reform Law at White House Meeting

October 25 - IFA SmartBrief Launches New Member Monday Feature

October 25 - Need International Franchising Advice?

October 25 - Let IFA’s Advertising Department Help You Grow in 2011

October 25 - IFA Welcomes New Members for Week of October 25th

October 25 - Los Angeles Trade Show, Seminars Promote Your Franchise

October 25 - New E-Book Reveals Winning Franchise Sales Formula

October 25 - Upcoming Franchise Industry Events

October 25 - Have You Completed the VetFran Survey?

August 30 - IFA Insider Vol. 15, Issue No. 16, Monday, August 30, 2010

October 26 - IFA Insider Vol. 14, Issue No. 22, October 26, 2009