September 8 - IFA Urges Senate Committee to Reject Appointment of Sharon Block to NLRB

March 25 - Multi-Unit Marketing: Message and Measurement

March 25 - Let’s Call a Halt to Hiring Our Veterans

March 25 - Does Your Personality Hold the Key to Your Success?


March 25 - Attract Prospects and Customers With a Magnetic Wall of Content

March 25 - Why You Need to Make Trade Shows a Part of Your Budget

March 24 - Government Travel Aids Public-Private Sector Communication, Collaboration

March 24 - “Regulation Nation” - A Key Theme for IFA’s Legal Symposium

March 24 - Managing System Change and Enforcing Brand Standards


March 24 - Revisiting the Preparation and Use of Your Item 19

March 24 - Bay State’s Busy 2013 Legislative Year Continues Into 2014

March 24 - CAN MY Franchisees GET FINANCED?

March 24 - Franchise Business Growth Outpaces the Economy in 2014

March 24 - Five Steps to Drive Business Growth

March 24 - Adapting Your Communications to Appeal to Millennial Customers

March 24 - Outsourcing Real Estate – A Path to Expansion

March 24 - From Childhood Dream to a Thriving Franchise

January 8 - Facebook Ads and Paid Strategies: Ways to Grow Your Facebook Community

January 8 - What Happens When You’re not MOBILE-FRIENDLY?

January 8 - Making COUPON REDEMPTION Part of Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

January 8 - Four Features Franchisors and Franchisees Need in an Online Marketing Portal

January 8 - Atop Mount Kilimanjaro – Lessons to Apply to Your Multi-Unit Franchise

January 8 - VetFran Provides New Educational Resource

January 8 - U.S. Trade Mission to Sub-Saharan Africa Includes Johannesburg, Nairobi and Lagos

January 8 - Creating Ownership and Management Opportunities With Growing Hispanic Populations in Mind

January 8 - Expanding Into Nontraditional Venues

January 8 - Dual Seasonal Businesses Offer Key Benefits, Revenue Growth Year-Round

January 8 - Five Customer-Service Practices to Bring to IFA’s Trade Shows

January 8 - Northwood University Pioneers Undergraduate Major in Franchising Management

January 6 - Fixes to Affordable Care Act Find Bipartisan Support

January 6 - Effectively Delivering Your Marketing Messages

January 6 - State Tax Reform Gains and Turns Made in 2013

January 6 - National or Local Pay-Per-Click for Your Brand – How to Choose?

January 6 - Leveraging Marketing Technology and Transparency to Drive Franchisee Success

November 13 - Are You Asking the Right Franchisee Candidates the Right Questions?

November 13 - AFC Enterprises CEO Cheryl Bachelder – Achieving System Cohesion

November 13 - IFA’s Trade Shows Build Your Brand’s Presence

November 12 - Executing the Proper Market Development Plan to Ensure Brand Standards

November 12 - Misunderstood Polystyrene: The Facts

November 12 - Future Watch: Google Glass in Franchising

November 12 - How Franchise Professionals Should Use

November 12 - New Tools for Your Marketing Technology Arsenal

November 12 - Data Security Essentials Every Franchisee Should Know

November 12 - Building a Stronger System Through Technology and Compliance

November 12 - How to Mix and Match Your Digital Marketing Media

November 12 - Franchise Advocates Bring Health Care, Tax Reform Issues to Federal Lawmakers

November 12 - Franchise Industry Growth Holds Steady(2)

November 12 - Building a Culture of Accountability in Franchising

November 12 - Taking the Office Virtual: Standards and Processes

November 12 - Venture Capital - Disciplined Planning to Attract Investors

November 12 - How IFA’s VetFran Complements the Franchise Model

November 12 - Building Loyalty Without Selling Your Soul

November 12 - FINANCIAL REPORTING Do’s and Don’ts

October 25 - Throughout the Year and the Country - Franchising Continues Health Care Advocacy Efforts

October 25 - IFA Fights Harmful Pennsylvania Franchising Relationship Bill


October 25 - Team-Building Strategies Achieve Excellence in Franchise Development

October 25 - Insure Your Success by Ensuring Your Franchisees are Properly Covered

October 25 - Location, Location, Location

October 25 - Acquiring a Franchise System: Due Diligence Tactics to Assess Value ACQUIRING A FRANCHISE SYSTEM

October 25 - PR Strategy + Social Media – Do They Generate Leads?

October 25 - The Technology of Site Selection

October 25 - How to Handle Rapid Growth

October 25 - The Challenges and Joys of Owning a Niche Franchise


October 25 - Marriott International Helps Our Heroes

October 25 - Arizona Court: Franchisor Found Not Vicarious Liable

October 25 - Technologies Help Manage Growth in Young Franchise Marketing Departments

October 25 - Building a Company Culture for Community Outreach

October 25 - Where’s Franchising’s Growth? Look to the Southern U.S.

October 25 - 1,000th CFE Graduate to Highlight IFA Convention – Join the Celebration

October 25 - IFA’s FastTrack - Get Competitive Intelligence Now

October 25 - Register Today For IFA’s 54th Annual Convention

October 25 - Houston Opens its Doors to Franchise Expo South

September 25 - Employer Mandate Delay Does Not Alter Problems With Affordable Care Act

September 25 - California Legislature Rejects Attempt to Undermine Franchise Contracts

September 25 - IFA Tools Drive Positive Franchisee-Franchisor Relations

September 25 - Burnout is a State of Mind: Personal Goals Drive Long-term Growth

September 25 - Talk,Lead and Listen: Help FranchiseesEmbrace theVision, Mission and Values

September 25 - Keep Talking: Strengthen Two-Way Communication

September 25 - Managing Challenges: Franchisee-Franchisor Collaboration

September 25 - 10 Ways to Enhance System Support Among Franchisees

September 25 - Franchising 2013: An In-Depth Look at Franchisee Satisfaction and Performance

September 25 - Ensuring Growth in a Tough Economy

September 25 - Bringing the Network Effect to Corporate Responsibility

September 25 - Expanding a Franchise: Consider the Cloud

September 25 - Building an Empire Internationally

September 25 - Veterans Have the Right Skills to Run a Franchise

September 25 - Learning Together Leads to Success

September 25 - 8 Reasons to Explore a Prepaid Expense Card for Franchise Owners

September 25 - What is Social Recruiting?

September 25 - Payment Card Standard Should be a Major Concern for all Franchise Systems

September 25 - Massachusetts Statutory Environment Creates “Chilling Effect” on Franchise Development

August 27 - Franchising in Africa

August 27 - Having an Engaged Franchise System Matters

August 27 - Baby Boomers in Franchising: Exit and Succession Planning

August 27 - Smart Growth Trajectory – Suppliers Respond to Industry’s Needs

August 27 - International Franchise Expo Hosts Biggest Event in Years

August 22 - It’s a Match: Attendees’ Expectations and Program Content

August 22 - 10 Tips to add Punch to Scripted Presentations

August 22 - ADP New Jobs Report: Franchises Created 10 Percent of All New Jobs Over Past Year

August 22 - IFA Board Tackles Strategic Priorities During Summer Meeting in Windy City

August 22 - Chamber’s “Committee of 100” Sharpens CEO Skills for Challenging Days Ahead

August 22 - The Benefits of Co-Branding for Franchisees

August 22 - VetFran Committee Chairman Lindenmayer Joins SBA Administrator Mills to Announce Veteran Lending Initiative

August 22 - A Cut Above the Rest: Five Ways to Differentiate Your Franchise

August 20 - Solving Unintended Consequences of the Affordable Care Act

August 20 - 2013 Public Affairs Conference

August 20 - IFA and State Legislative/ Regulatory Issues Require Constant Vigilance


August 20 - 10 Tips for Keeping Your Convention on Budget

August 20 - 9 Ways to Effectively Market Your Franchise Convention

August 20 - Ensuring Your Convention Site is Accessible

August 14 - Franchise Business Index Hits Post-Recession High

July 17 - White House Commends Franchise Industry for Commitment to Veterans

July 17 - Building Goodwill and U.S. Brand Awareness in the Middle East

July 17 - Legal Confab Attendance Signals Industry Growth, Importance

July 17 - A Conversation with Firehouse Subs Franchisee and Area Representative Randy Judd

July 17 - LinkedIn Company Pages: Optimized for Franchise Development

July 17 - Making Social Advertising Work for Lead Generation

July 16 - IFA Protects and Promotes the Independent Contractor Status of Franchisees

July 16 - Helping Small Businesses Create Jobs by Extending the SBA’s 504 Refinance Program

July 16 - SBA’s Relationship with the Franchise Industry

July 16 - Update: Analyzing the SBA Lending Market

July 16 - Private Equity › Making the Deal

July 16 - Why the Franchise Industry Should Care About Carried Interest

July 16 - Equipping Franchisees for the Financing Race

July 16 - Operating a Co-Branded Franchise Efficiently and Effectively

July 16 - How Employees Can Become Franchise Owners

July 16 - Training Strategies to Boost Your Franchise

July 16 - NFL Franchising Boot Camp Scores with Players and Spouses

June 18 - IFA Praises Bipartisan Bill To Redefine Full-Time Employee And Large Employer Definition In Health Care Law

June 12 - Adapting Your Franchise Model to Suit Different Cultures

June 12 - Taking Your Brand to the Middle East

June 12 - Meeting in the Middle – Marketing Support in the Franchise Network

June 12 - Moving Your Phone System to the Cloud

June 12 - Growing the Economy, One Trade Show at a Time

June 12 - Former IFA Chairwoman Dwyer, Pres. Caldeira Address Canadian Franchise Association’s National Convention

June 11 - Multi-Unit Franchisee Turns One Restaurant Into Nearly 400

June 11 - Support of VetFran Should be at the Top of Everyone’s Agenda

June 11 - VetFran Panelists Share Hiring and Recruitment Strategies with Restaurant Industry Leaders

June 11 - The Great Escape: From Corporate Escapee to B2B Franchise Owner

June 11 - 10 Leave of Absence Requirements

June 11 - Franchisee Support Models: Does One Size Fit All?

June 11 - Offering Private Label Insurance Programs

June 10 - IFA Immigration Reform Listening Tour Continues with Arizona Business Leaders

June 10 - IFA Fighting Discriminatory Chain and Fast-Food Restaurant Ordinances and Laws

June 10 - Inclusion is a Growth Strategy

June 10 - Inclusion: Embracing the Internal and External Benefits

May 14 - IFA’s First Franchising Day in Sacramento a “Frantastic” Success

May 14 - VetFran Program Marks Significant Milestones

May 14 - A Veteran’s Perspective on Franchising

May 14 - Opportunities for Service-Disabled Veterans a Win for All

May 14 - VetFran Partners With Hiring Our Heroes and Capital One

May 14 - Bringing Military Veterans Into Your Franchise

May 14 - From Battlefield to Business Ownership: SBA Loan Helps U.S. Army Veteran Shilo Harris Become a Franchise Owner

May 14 - Finding Your Next Star

May 14 - VA’s Business Accelerator Program Aids Veterans and Franchises

May 14 - Overcoming Setbacks to Advance Your Franchise

May 14 - 12 Frequently Asked Questions About Independent Contractors

May 14 - Expanding Outside the Bubble

May 14 - U.S. Franchises Coming to Tunisia

May 14 - A Visa Program for the Franchise Industry

May 14 - Streamline Your Franchise’s Operations With Customized Software

May 14 - Making the Most of IFE Round Two in New York City

May 7 - Real Estate Considerations for Multiple Locations

May 7 - Putting the Pro in Protocol: Making the Multi-Franchise System Work For You

May 7 - Obtaining Financing to Advance Your Growth Strategy

May 7 - Unlocking the Credit Box

May 7 - Selling the Franchise System: Laying the Legal Groundwork to Optimize Value

May 7 - Preparing Executives to be Effective in Live Video Presentations

May 7 - Understanding the Value of IFA Membership

May 7 - International Franchise Expo Equals 400-Plus Franchise Opportunities in One Great City

May 7 - Edible Arrangements Launches Major Initiative to Help Veterans

May 7 - Harnessing the Power of Goal Setting in Growing a Company

May 7 - Upgrading to a Digital Wallet

April 29 - Making Sense of Health Care Law Implementation

April 29 - Home Instead’s “Legislative Day” in Lincoln, Neb. Presents a Case Study in Effective Grassroots Advocacy

March 27 - Former Marine Kevin Blanchard Takes Post With IFA’s VetFran Program

March 27 - Trade Show Standout – Creating a Reasonable Budget

March 26 - Franchise Leaders Ensure Policymakers Hear Industry Messages

March 26 - Cities: Challenges and Opportunities for Franchising

March 26 - 2013 IFA Legal Symposium – Making the “Must-Do” Case For Attending(2)

March 26 - Are You Assuming Unnecessary Risks Associated With Franchisee Email Accounts?(2)

March 26 - A Seat at the Table: The Case for Franchisee Advisory Councils

March 26 - Legal Issues Related to International Franchise Expansion

March 26 - Designing and Implementing a Compliance Program

March 26 - The JOBS Act – Changing the Way Franchisors and Franchisees Raise Investment Capital?

March 26 - International Franchising: It’s a Brave New World Out There

March 26 - Cyber Pirates – Protecting Credit and Debit Card Information

March 26 - Show Me the Money: Effective Franchisee Lead Generation Through Public Relations

March 18 - Are You Assuming Unnecessary Risks Associated With Franchisee Email Accounts?

March 18 - 2013 IFA Legal Symposium – Making the “Must-Do” Case For Attending

February 19 - The International Franchise Expo Set To Return to NYC in June

February 18 - The Time for Immigration Reform is Now

February 18 - “California or Bust!”

February 18 - IFA Leaders Unveil 2013 Economic Outlook for Franchising

February 18 - NFL and IFA Launch Franchising Boot Camp

February 18 - Franchising is First in Afghanistan and Tunisia

February 18 - Repositioning Your Franchise Model for Growth

February 18 - Training for New Efficiency Strategies

February 18 - Hiring Right–Corporate Values Must Match the Candidate’s Personality

February 18 - Using Video to Increase Online and Social Media Responses

January 28 - IFA’s Annual Convention—Pathway to Excellence

January 28 - IFA Marks One-Year Anniversary of Operation Enduring Opportunity

January 28 - The U.S. Commercial Service, Franchise Development’s Best Kept Secret

January 28 - What is Your Internal Ecommerce Strategy?

January 28 - Enhancing Communication Via Point of Sale Technology Improvements

January 28 - Implementing Safety and Health Training

January 28 - Thriving as a Seasonal Franchise

January 28 - Enhancing Franchisee Commitment: A Commitment to Success

January 28 - Lead Generation Tips for Franchise Trade Show Participants

January 22 - Guest Editorials—Leaders Making a Point, Making a Difference

January 22 - What Drives Growth?

January 22 - Business Leaders Give 2013 Outlook Mixed Reviews

January 22 - Congress 2013—New Committee Landscape

January 11 - PART 3: Franchise Advisory Boards and Councils: Mapping Your Future

January 11 - Networking for Success–Why Trade Shows Continue to Drive Franchise Leads

January 11 - Privacy Liability and New World Risks

January 9 - Veterans Counsel Veterans During SBA Conference in Richmond

January 9 - Driving the Growth of an Emerging Franchise

January 9 - Insurance Practices to Assist Your Business

January 9 - Financing Your International Development Program

January 9 - Are Your Profits Walking Out the Door?

January 8 - A Digital Marketing Solar System

January 2 - Tax Agreement Paves Way for Ongoing, Steady Franchise Growth in 2013

November 16 - Achieving Multi-Unit Development With the Right Developer Fit

November 16 - CFE Program Hits 1,500th Milestone

November 16 - Creating Opportunities for Our Nation’s Veterans

November 16 - Converting a Licensee or Dealer Into a Franchisee

November 16 - Coming to America: U.S. Immigration Laws and the Challenges Facing Immigrant Franchisees

November 16 - Developing a Successful International Program Through Master Franchising

November 16 - 7 Ways to Boost Your Trade Show Experience

November 15 - Coordinating Social Media Between Franchisees and Franchisors

November 15 - Tactics to Boost Social Media Results

November 15 - Creating and Building Your Mobile App From the Ground Up

November 15 - Low-Tech Tools Bring High-Value Rewards

November 15 - Getting Customers to Call or Click

November 15 - 2013: State Legislative Challenges and Opportunities

November 15 - IFA Updates Its Dues Structure to Meet the Needs of Members

November 15 - Franchise Growth Lags as Fiscal Cliff Threatens Expansion(2)

November 15 - 8 Most Common FLSA Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

November 15 - Snap-on’s Nicholas Pinchuk Addresses Closing Workforce Skills Gap

November 15 - Coming Through a Public Relations Crisis Successfully

November 15 - First in Country Franchise—Strategies to Get There

November 15 - Latin American Market Sizzles With U.S. Franchisors

November 15 - Franchising Delivers Consistency for Soccer Shots System

November 14 - Franchisees are Independent Contractors, But Not as Easy as “ABC” in Some States

November 14 - PART 2: Franchise Advisory Boards and Councils: Mapping Your Future

November 14 - Financing Strategies for Multi-Unit Operators(2)

November 13 - IFA Attends RNC and DNC Conventions Highlighting Franchising’s Role in the Economy

November 13 - FranPAC Reaches Historic $1 Million Mark– Now, Get Out to Vote

November 8 - IFA Supplier Forum Focuses on Maximizing Supplier Membership Value

November 8 - Capitalizing on the Local Marketing Advantage

November 8 - The New FTC Business Opportunity Rule Makes Waves: Impact on Franchise Systems

November 8 - 10 Questions Franchise Tenants Should Ask Their Landlords

November 8 - Your Call Routing Needs An Upgrade

October 15 - Financing Strategies for Multi-Unit Operators

October 15 - The New FTC Business Opportunity Rule Makes Waves: Impact on Franchise Systems

October 2 - The Franchise Relations Committee Wants to Know What You Think

October 2 - The Ins and Outs of Contests and Promotions

September 12 - Developing an Effective Support Organization

September 12 - Creating Empowerment: Enabling Franchisees to be Heard

September 11 - IFA Partners With The U.S. Census Bureau To Increase Response Rates For The 2012 Economic Census

August 20 - Using Social Media and Other Technologies to Promote and Enhance Your Franchise Convention

August 20 - Developing Effective Convention Content for Your Audience

July 30 - Trying to Keep the Lights on for Our Economy

July 23 - Becoming Savvy on Commercial Real Estate Financing

July 10 - Leveraging Loyalty Programs to Retain Customers and Drive Sales

July 10 - Making the Most of Sales and Leasebacks

July 9 - Franchising in India(2)

July 9 - Viva Global Expansion! TRADE MISSION TO LATIN AMERICA

June 12 - The Franchise Community and SBA– Bridging the Entrepreneur Opportunity Gap

June 12 - Help Your Franchisees Implement Training Programs That Engage Their Employees

June 5 - Advancing in Today’s Lending Environment

June 5 - Tips for Tapping Into New Markets

May 23 - Franchise Business Index Up 0.5% In April - Improved Credit Access and Employment Growth Key Reasons for the Increase

May 8 - Franchise Sales Leads–An Evolutionary Tale

May 8 - Emerging Franchisors: What it Takes to Attract Multi-Unit Franchisees

May 8 - A VetFran Progress Report: Creating Opportunities for Veterans

May 8 - How to Create Multiple Revenue Streams for Franchisees Without Compromising Your Brand

May 8 - Filling a Niche–Franchises Open 24 Hours

May 1 - 12 Most Common I-9 Questions Revealed

May 1 - An Army of Qualified Business Owners

April 24 - Lower Costs, Accelerate Store Openings(2)

April 17 - Maximize Success and Minimize Mistakes on the Road to International Expansion

April 17 - Strategies for Keeping Your Business Alive and Growing in 2012

April 10 - Lower Costs, Accelerate Store Openings

April 10 - Growing Your Brand in the World’s Greatest City

April 3 - Channeling Real Estate Assets Into Expansion

April 3 - Qualifying Candidates—Matching Your Brand’s Culture and the Best Prospect

March 20 - Make Trade Shows an Important Part of 2012

March 20 - Strength in Numbers–Building a Culture Where Franchisees Embrace System Growth

March 13 - Workplace English and Citizenship Program Benefit Workers, Consumers and the Economy

March 13 - Finding the Right Credit Partner

March 6 - Legal Challenges Affecting Your Franchise: Taking the Proactive Approach

March 6 - To Be Successful in the Future, Learn From the Past

February 29 - Demographic Segmentation: Social Media In-A-Box

February 29 - Do You Have a Millennial Marketing Strategy?

February 29 - Ensuring Effective Two-Way Communications

February 29 - Franchise Executive Leadership Conference Boasts Renowned Business Speakers

February 29 - Summer Conference Season Heats Up To Advance Franchise Issues

February 29 - Understanding and Complying With Antitrust Law

February 29 - Understanding the Benefits and Challenges of Strategic Alliances

February 21 - IFA Web sites Provide New Windows of Information

February 21 - Getting Better Results From Your Franchisee Advisory Councils

February 21 - IFA’s Franchise Congress Dominates Congressional Recess Activities

February 21 - IFA Chairman and Franchise Executive Attend Obama Speech as Guests of House Speaker

February 21 - Winning Hockey Teams: Parallels Between Competitive Sports and Franchising

February 21 - Credit Access Issues Focus of 2011 Faegre & Benson Franchise Summit

February 21 - Five Steps to Set Expectations From the Start

February 21 - Franchise Congress Strikes Gold in California(2)

February 21 - IFA Adds New Department to Advance Strategic Initiatives and Strengthen Industry Relations

February 21 - Franchisees Can Build Their Local Networks via Blogging

February 21 - Ad Campaign Showcases Franchise Small Businesses as Proven Job Creators(2)

February 21 - IFA Chairman Addresses New Zealand Franchise Conference

February 21 - Extending Your Brand Into Foreign Markets

February 21 - Keeping the Master Franchisee-Franchisor Relationship in Optimum Working Order

February 21 - IFA Benchmarking Tool Garners Praise From Members on its Benefits

February 21 - New Unlimited Cyber Real Estate:They're Making More, But Should You Buy It?

February 17 - 25 Things to Avoid When Using Social Media for Franchise Development

February 17 - Canadian Immigration—Obtaining Visas for Employees of U.S. Franchises

February 17 - Anticipating the Questions and Meeting the Needs of Franchise Expo Goers

February 17 - Franchises Help Ease Customers’ Battle of the Bulge

February 17 - Making Marketing Ideas Work

February 17 - Educational Foundation’s highest honor, the William Rosenberg Leadership Award, was presented to Michael J. Roman, CFE

February 17 - What is New in Organic Searches?(3)

February 17 - Regulatory Card Check—Implications for the Franchise Industry

February 17 - IFA to Offer Enhanced Legislative Tracking to Members

January 24 - Putting the Right People in Place to Staff Your Franchise Expo Booth

January 17 - Conversion Franchising—The Ad-vantages of Adding it to Your Fran-chise System

January 17 - Social Media and You

January 9 - Guest Editorials—Having Our Say

January 9 - Taking Advantage of Green Business Alternatives

January 3 - Franchise Expo South: Networking Tips for Success

January 3 - Expanding Markets-Franchising in Viet Nam and Indonesia

December 21 - Lawsuit Challenging Labor Board Election Rules Supported by IFA

December 20 - Saving Money Via a New Approach to Voice Over Internet Protocol

December 20 - Franchise Tenants: Beware of Phantom Space and Landlords with 13-Inch Rulers

December 13 - Causes and Consequences of Business Disruption

December 13 - Push and Pull Marketing Strategies: Using Them to Your Advantage

December 6 - Is Your Marketing Dead, Undead or Barely Breathing?

December 6 - Ensuring Profitability Across Multiple Units

November 29 - PCI Compliance: What Your Franchise Should Know

November 29 - What is New in Organic Searches?

November 22 - Decoding Marketing Automation for Franchise Networks

November 22 - E-mail Marketing Strategies to Boost Awareness and Sales

November 15 - Implementing Effective Pay-Per-Click Advertising

November 15 - Strategic Planning for Financial Results

October 25 - Inaugural Year of IFA Franship Program Provides Insight Into Industry

October 25 - VetFran Program Reaching New Levels

October 18 - Attaining Milestones in a Downturn

October 18 - Navigating the Current Credit Markets

October 11 - IFA Supplier Forum Creates New Organizational Structure

October 11 - IFA Seeks Protective Language in Proposed E-Verify System Expansion

October 7 - September Jobs REPORT Highlights Need for Long-Term Tax Reform for Small Businesses

October 7 - IFA Calls on Congress To Pass Legislation Protecting Franchise Small Businesses From Union Organizing Campaigns

September 27 - VetFran Highlights Franchising During Military Conference

September 27 - Denver FBN Hosts First “Lending Boot Camp”

September 20 - Building a Robust Customer Relationship Management Strategy

September 20 - Food Truck Franchises Face Unique Challenges On and Off the Road

September 12 - Establishing a Strong Corporate Culture to Provide Franchisee Support

September 12 - Assessing Potential Political And Ethnic Conflicts

September 6 - IFA Public Affairs Conference: Just the Beginning

September 6 - Adapting the Approaches of Successful Internet Sites to Help Franchisees Connect With Lenders

August 30 - IFA Board Addresses Key Initiatives During Summer Meeting

August 30 - Veterans Recruitment, Finance and Health Care Reform Top Chicago Executive Forum Discussions

August 23 - IFA’s Annual Convention: Kicking Off Your Franchise’s Future

August 23 - Outlining Five Key Profit-Generating Areas

August 16 - Convention Video Coverage: Making It Count During and After Your Event

August 16 - Improving the Environment for Franchise Lending

August 8 - Matching Speakers to Your Program Agenda

August 8 - Ensure Your Convention Garners Strong Franchisee Participation

August 8 - Amended ICC Model International Franchise Contract is Problematic for Franchising

August 1 - Your Convention: Getting it On or Under Budget

August 1 - IFA, U.S. Conference of Mayors Partner to Promote Job-Creation

July 18 - IFA Franchise Congress Members Strengthen SBA, Lawmaker Ties

July 18 - FDA Menu Nutrition Labeling Requirements—Significant Changes Ahead

July 11 - FDA Menu Nutrition Labeling Requirements-Significant Changes Ahead

July 11 - IFA’s 2011 Public Affairs Conference Enlarges Franchising Policy Footprint

July 5 - The 10 Commandments of Facebook

July 5 - Using Location-Based Services to Get Customers

June 27 - Bringing Technology Into Your Lead Generation Arsenal

June 27 - IFA Benchmarking Tool Provides Value for Your Franchise

June 20 - For many franchisors, portals remain the most cost-effective method of lead generation and franchise sales

June 20 - Franchising World Q&A: IFA Chief Executive One Year Later

June 13 - Diversity in Hospitality Franchising: Providing Support for Minority Candidates

June 13 - Increasing Your Share of a Culturally Diverse Audience

June 6 - Diversity in Hospitality Franchising: Making Good Business Sense

June 6 - Diversity in Hospitality Franchising: Why It Matters

May 23 - IFA Addresses Restaurant Industry Leaders on Credit Access Challenge

May 23 - Turning Franchise Expo Leads Into Sales

May 16 - Background Checking–Your Other Social Media Policy

May 16 - IFA Marks its Ombudsman Program’s 10th Anniversary

May 9 - Strategies to Combat Employee Turnover

May 9 - Mentoring Franchisees for Multi-Unit Development

May 2 - Looking at Adding Another Brand as a Multi-Unit Franchisee

May 2 - Outside Capital: Why Seek it, What Types Exist and What’s Right for You?

April 25 - IFA VetFran Program Highlights

April 25 - From Military Veteran to Veteran Franchise Owner

April 25 - A Winning Franchise for Veterans

April 18 - Charting the Economic Impact of Franchising

April 18 - Snap-on Makes Military a Major Focus

April 12 - Franchise Congress Advocates Give Back

April 11 - IFA Veterans Program Surpasses 2,000 Mark

April 11 - 2011 Ushers in IFA Victories on Strategic Issues

April 4 - Is Your Marketing Aligned to Build Customer Relationships?

April 4 - Setting Your Franchise Apart— Discovery Day Strategies

March 28 - Where to Take Your Franchise

March 28 - Is Australia the Gateway to Expansion in the Pacific Rim?

March 28 - Best Practices for International Franchising: Be Aware of Cultural Differences

March 21 - Unleashing Marketing Creativity

March 21 - Keys to Success: How to Effectively Rebrand During a Recession

March 14 - Four Questions to Consider Before You Go International

March 14 - Dealing With the Complexities of International Expansion

March 7 - Where to Take Your Franchise in 2011

March 7 - The Shifting Sales Paradigm: Private Equity, Multi-Unit Developers, Joint Ventures

February 24 - Entrepreneur of the Year Award Winner

February 24 - Hall of Fame Award Winner

February 24 - Bonny LeVine Award Winner

February 24 - Ronald E. Harrison Award Winner

February 24 - Foundation Honors Leonard Swartz

February 24 - Women’s Franchise Committee Honors Dina Dwyer-Owens, CFE With Crystal Compass

February 24 - Jenna Barber Awarded Irl Marshall CFE Scholarship at IFA Convention

February 24 - Web-based Benchmarking Tool to Premiere During IFA Annual Convention

February 24 - Refranchising: Making it Work for You

February 24 - Franchise Businesses Poised for Higher Growth in 2011

February 24 - Site Selection–Key Aspects for Franchisors to Consider

February 24 - Creating Meeting Content That Soars

February 24 - Reacting, Responding and Preparing for Negative Social Media Postings

February 24 - Encouraging Brand Compliance on Social Media

February 24 - Utilizing Tax-Favored Financing for Store Remodeling

February 24 - Small-Business Loan Guarantees Hit a Record

February 22 - What to Look for When Hiring Franchise Salespeople

February 22 - Iowa Upholds its Assessment of Income Tax on Out-of-State Franchises

February 7 - Seeking Sales in New Markets

February 7 - Taste of Franchising Event

February 7 - IFA’s Annual Convention Welcomes You

January 27 - IFA Annual Convention Raises Your Educational Quotient

January 27 - Qualified Prospects Fuel West Coast Expo, Next Up Miami Beach

January 21 - Taking Charge of Multi-Unit Income Statement Management

January 21 - A Win-Win Approach to the Modernization of Franchised Facilities

January 21 - Known By the Company You Keep (or Sue)

January 14 - When Navigating Rough Waters, Mind the Sails

January 14 - Franchising World Magazine Celebrates its 25th Anniversary

January 14 - The IFA Franship Program Moving Forward Through Giving Back

January 10 - Franchising in the Current Credit Market

January 10 - Five Must-Do Franchise Support Tactics

January 10 - Social Media: Has it Lived up to The Hype?

January 3 - Improve Closing Ratios, Award Better Qualified Franchisees

January 3 - Growth and Cost-cutting for Today’s Franchise

January 3 - Twitter: Are You Listening?

December 17 - Ensuring Financial Strength to Support Growth Initiatives

December 17 - Understanding and Beating Benchmarks on Your Recruitment Web site

December 17 - Attracting Early Retirees to Your Franchise

December 10 - Is In-House Financing an Option for The Future of Franchising?

December 8 - Looking Ahead to the 112th Congress

December 3 - Now That the 2010 Midterm Elections are Over, It’s Time to Plan for 2012

November 23 - Sponsorship Programs Lift Your Bottom Line

November 23 - Avoiding Convention Planning Nightmares

November 23 - IFA Annual Convention Delivers Maximum ROI

November 23 - 500 Industry Leaders Tell Lawmakers “Franchising Counts”

November 23 - Community Commitment Safeguards Franchising Industry

November 23 - Maximize Your Marketing Results in A Down Economy

November 23 - Integrating Your Compliance Program

November 23 - Attracting Veteran-Franchisees to Your System

November 23 - Convenience Retailer Employs Franchising to Expand the Brand

November 23 - West Coast Expo Fuels Attendance

November 22 - First Franchising Census Report Highlights Industry’s Economic Role

November 18 - Success in Washington Takes Time. But it’s Worth the Wait

November 18 - Planning Your Meetings: Trends You Need To Know

November 18 - Convention Budgeting Best Practices

October 1 - Selling Franchises Online: Demystifying the Process

October 1 - Boosting Social Media Traffic: Who Goes There?

October 1 - Achieving Consistency in Cross-Channel Marketing

October 1 - Using GIS for Local-Market Penetration, Winning Strategies

October 1 - Use Your Story to Capture the Jury

October 1 - Making Automated Royalty Payments Work for Your Franchise

October 1 - Know Your Candidates

October 1 - WANT LEVERAGE? Multi-Unit Franchisees Deliver Substantial Savings

October 1 - Updating Your Marketing Plan

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October 1 - Aging Baby Boomers: The Effect on Franchising

October 1 - Can Social Media Sell A Franchise?

October 1 - Convention Planning: Building the Volunteer Team

October 1 - Finding Opportunities in Challenging Times

June 25 - Franchising World: The Industry's Best Information Source

January 1 - Capturing Your Share of the World’s Growing Market