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FRAN-GUARD is  available - on-demand, 24/7 - as a web-based video course. The newly updated course was videotaped at the 2014 IFA Annual Convention and includes all the content, speaker presentations, synchronized Powerpoint slides and downloadable materials.  

The course is comprised of five modules which can be easily viewed in segments, with the total run time of about 5 1/2 hours. The FRAN-GUARD Video Course is recognized for 300 CFE  Education credits. Upon completion of the quiz at the end of the course, you will receive a certificate of course completion.     

  • FRAN-GUARD Video Course - Now Available On Demand     
  • 24/7     
  • Great for individual, self-paced study and for group study     
  • New IFA Members - Receive a Complimentary Enrollment in CFE program (see details below)     

Modules - Course Outline     

  • Module I: Introduction & The Business Case for Compliance    
  • Module II: Protecting Franchising from Within     
  • Module III: Building a Culture of Compliance    
  • Module IV: A Robust Regulatory Culture       
  • Module V: Implementing an Effective Regulatory Compliance Program    

Course Registration Fee - $395 (IFA Member)  $775 (Non-Member)  

IFA New Members - If your company has joined IFA in the last 6 months, please contact Rose DuPont at IFA - rdupont@franchise.org to receive a complimentary enrollment in the Certified Franchise Executives (CFE) program - a $375.00 value. Click here for information on the CFE program. 


IFA FRAN-GUARDTM, the International Franchise Association’s franchise sales management and compliance program, helps IFA members take proactive steps to reduce risks, manage growth, and build a stronger, healthier franchise system. It covers both the legal  and business aspects of compliance with a series of modules designed for CEOs and senior executives, franchise development professionals, in-house counsel and franchise attorneys, paralegals and compliance managers.      

IFA FRAN-GUARD is designed for:     

  • CEOs and Senior Executives     
  • Not only does a system-side compliance program protect your franchise it can make it more profitable. Modules cover the Business Case for Compliance, Franchise Sales Growth & Management, and Best Practices.     
  • Franchise Development Professionals     
  • There’s more to compliance than legal requirements. Learn how a sales management and compliance program can increase your effectiveness and help drive franchise sales.     
  • In-house Counsel, Franchise Attorneys, Paralegals and Compliance Managers      
  • It’s important to integrate all aspects of franchise sales management and compliance, from disclosure to franchise sales, field support, and operations. IFA FRAN-GUARD modules cover practical steps to implement a system-wide compliance program.     
  • All CFEs and CFE candidates     




“IFA FRAN-GUARDTM  is an excellent way for IFA members to work together to protect and promote franchising by maintaining high ethical standards and good business practices. IFA members who participate in the program will be better prepared, will have a better understanding of compliance related issues, and will have a competitive advantage over those who do not.”   

–Dina Dwyer-Owens, CFE, 2009 Chairwoman, IFA
Chairwoman and CEO, The Dwyer Group

 "Just when I thought I remembered everything there was to know about compliance...I didn't.  Great course." 
- Michael Landry, VP - Franchising, Colortyme 

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E-mail: rdupont@franchise.org