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All CFEs must  renew their certification every three years. To maintain the CFE designation, CFEs must accumulate 1200 CFE credits during the three-year period as follows - Participation (500 credits), Experience (300 credits, 100 credits per year), Course Requirements (400 credits).

CFEs should keep a record of credits earned towards certification which they will need to submit at the time of their renewal.  Please refer to the Re-Certification Credits Template below for keeping track of credits.  You may also refer to the CFE Recertification Calendar to identify programs, seminars, etc. that have CFE credits.


Re-Certification It's As Easy as 1, 2, 3
Re-Certification Application Form 
Re-Certification Credits Template 
CFE Master Calendar   

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I am a CFE because….
continuing education is essentinal for professional
development and effective leadership.

Linda Shunk, CFE
VP Operations
Tasti D-Lite, LLC

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